Mission: Analysis

If you have a mission you'd like the VS Community to tackle, contact us!

  • Mission Overview Use the map to see how invasives are expanding and moving from one year to the next.

    Then, after you see what has happened in the past, predict what will happen over the next 5, 10, 20 years!

  • Is your lake at risk of invasive species introductions?

    Mission Overview Use a model to figure out if your lake is more or less at risk of invasive species than others in the state.

    Then, compare the model with your own investigation results and Google Earth map layers. What makes sense? What doesn't add up?

  • Is your local ecosystem healthy?

    Mission Overview Find indicators of ecosystem health in the VS database: biodiversity counts, macroinvertebrates, native species found, invasive species not found, and water quality measures.

    Then, compare what you found during your own field investigation with the data others published.

  • Do invasive species affect biodiversity?

    Mission Overview Use the VS export table and Excel to create simple bar graphs using species data and biodiversity counts.

    Then, compare the biodiversity counts where invasive species were found with the biodiversity counts where invasive species were not found. Is biodiversity different when invasive species are present?

  • What will I learn when I play with map layers?

    Mission Overview: Use the Google Earth data layers we have tucked away in our Curriculum Resources to see what more you can learn about your species. Choose a VS dataset you're curious about, transform it into a Google Earth layer, then layer on information about habitats, watersheds, vectors, more! Look for patterns. See where it takes you.

  • Analysis: YOUR Analysis Mission

    We’re excited that you have a question that you think Vital Signs data can help answer. Share your Analysis Mission with us so we can compare results across the community to draw more robust (powerful) conclusions.