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Flaming marshmallows' notes

"Cold fog and a salty, seaweedy smell greeted us as we stepped off the bus at 9:10 and arrived at the beach. There was a light fall breeze and boats were rocking in the choppy harbor. We could hear the yells of students running around and the waves gently crashing on the beach. It was low tide and there was plenty of beach and tidepools; perfect for looking for the Asian Shore Crab..."
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65DD48’s notes

"2009. Not that long ago. But, during this time, our search begins. The MMS Loosestrife search. 2010, the date where we have identified the invasive species, Loosestrife. The students of MMS Aroostook 7th grade team have found a shocking discovery, Purple Loosestrife is growing on campus. And it might spread. But, as the years go by and new students study the Loosestrife, they realized it has ever spread since the day to was discovered. Soon, suspicion rose throughout the team causing a new and thorough search of the plant. Sure enough, students discovered that an invasive bug was eating the seeds. A new character was introduced to the story, the Galerucella..."
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Clueless Cumugins' notes

"On a crisp Monday morning on October 20 Annie , Grace , Frank and I went to Trout Brook and took some pictures of leaves , plants , trees and the whole ecosystem that was thriving just a few weeks ago but some plants still live. We saw birds and squirrels running up and down trees , but most of the birds were.... sadly flying south. But we're here FREEZING or toes off In 10:00 in the morning !!! On the first day we wondered around Trout Brook on the side nearest to Brown school , not really focusing on one part of the Brook . We took some close ups of leaves that have died from the cold but during the summer a fat and happy caterpillar devoured..."
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Capatillers i's notes

"The mustard yellow rock weed had been growing on to the rocks; attaching by the roots and spreading it's stringy species across the water. It was a mustard yellow in color and had very stringy stems and leaves with air bubbles dotted in clumps of about 5 around the stem and leaves. If you pop the bubbles on the stem and leaves of the plants, you can feel a wet substance in some of them, but most of the bubbles are dry with no wet substance, or anything in them. Toward the beginning of the plant {nearer to the roots}, the plant was a brownish yellow color and had evolved into a more mustard yellow color toward the ends. It was hard telling whether or not the plant was producing..."
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coldfish2's notes

"Our mission is to find out if there are non-native species in Falmouth that are affecting the biodiversity of our eco system. We think yes because we found an invasive species living in falmouth (Japanese Barberry), and it is effecting the biodiversity because it was found in the same area as our native species therefore invading its ecosystem."
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Waynflete2's notes

It would be warm, but the breeze makes it slightly colder. Green plants cover most of the ground, without a lot of dirt and rocks. In the little garden there is a tree surrounded by little purple and white flowers. Other than that, there are not a lot of trees. Behind the little garden there is a brick building, Emery. Our plant, the common barberry, was found near the green fence, growing out of a small patch of dirt, surrounded by concrete and in the shade.
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cnatfreedom's notes

"I am happy because I love being out in the woods. Especially in the morning, when everything is waking up. I see, hear, and smell, I see trees of green and are Hemlock tree too. I hear groups communicating, and I smell the wet morning leaves."
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Rchawley's notes

"My wonderful cohort Jeffrey aka "Kansas" (because he is from Kansas) set out today, Wednesday the 20th of 2012, for the Sebago Lake region with a burning desire to find Variable Watermilfoil and record our findings! ... Sure enough, after slipping on my thigh-high waders (a very good look I might add) and gathering the weed from the river and comparing it to the lovely species identification card we had brought with us... I became confident enough to say, "we may not be in Kansas anymore, Kansas, but I think we found it!""
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SuperStar's notes

"Sea stars are everywhere! I found this one while working on a commercial fishing boat offshore. We were pulling a net behind the boat to catch fish, and when we were looking to see what kind of fish we caught, I uncovered this little beauty....."
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teamdynamite's notes

"We were surprised to find how much the Oriental Bittersweet had taken over. It had strangled and/or killed most of the other species that were in that area. It was one big mangled mess of vines, which made it extremely difficult to find where the plant first started...."
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NoBittersweet's notes

"I thought I'd combine a trip to run errands with a trip to find invasive species. Moreover, I'd try to use my iPhone for both the device to give me grid coordinates and to take field pictures. It would be handy to be able to use just one device for both -- especially the phone as I am more likely to carry it when I see something I want to capture spontaneously...."
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iSpyaSign's notes

"For years we've been on the lookout for Maine's 10 most unwanted aquatic nuisance species, and alas, it appears we have a sighting of the most aggressive of them all - hydrilla. Thanks to the efforts of volunteer lake monitors, this particular area of infestation was detected early, and is believed to be contained within a small lagoon area...." Yipes! Let me read the rest of iSpyaSign's field notes >

71kg9's notes

"...Our team made new discoveries. It seemed that not just Galerucella was eating this invasive species of plant. We had found Japanese Beetles on this plant! We can’t make assumptions yet though. We took in some of these beetles and some loosestrife leaves to see if they would eat it. Was it only eating loosestrife because lack of other food? Which kind of plant did it prefer?
We hope to figure out this mystery. Does purple loosestrife have another predator or was this bug just found eating the plant because of lack of food? We will continue to research if this is true...." I want to read 71kg9's complete field note >

saddleback's notes

"We are happy because we saw lots of biodiversity in our environment. In our specific quadrat, there was Japanese knotweed, a fern, lots of leaves, and some twigs and sticks. We had a couple creepy crawlys moving around in it. There were some mosquitos, and a few little unidentified bugs. So far we haven't figured out if land use effects biodiversity...."
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6db5's notes

"Day 1:The air is frigid and numbing, chilling me to the core. The grass and trees are covered in a thin coating of sparkling frost....
Day 2: The day for pursuing this project...let's just say...was not today. The temperature is still absurdly cold and the dark sky is sprinkling little rain droplets EVERYWHERE....
Day 3: It is as if the entire world is ice. Our study site, previously a pool of rainwater, is now a miniature ice pond, slippery and thick...."
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Kuikku's notes

"My mom and I were driving up 11th avenue, Madawaska ME around the end of August. Just across from the elementary school, tall plant at the edge of an uninhabited property, caught her eye. She tells me that she's been planing on digging the plant up for a while and putting it in one of her gardens. At the time, I didn't think anything of it, but two days later, my science teacher introduced this website to my class...."
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6DB's notes

"The space around me is dark, only illuminated by the headlights of my mom’s silver car. I race through the night toward the dark, cold lake, still and shimmering in the moonlight. My flip-flops smack noisily as they make contact with the damp sand. With a smile and a shriek at the touch of the grimy plant, I run through the rain, fluffy skirt swaying in the breeze, concert-done hair frizzing with the coming of the rain. I laugh as I swing the car door open and retreat into the comfort of the dry air. Now the darkness and rain is but a mere memory...except for the plant that lies beside me...."
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BlueHillGardener's notes

"Leaving the beach area, we continued on an old dirt road to get us back to the parking area. It was only on the last 30 yards or so of the dirt road that I spotted red berries and the barberry bush, as well as bittersweet and honeysuckle bushes...." Quick! To BlueHillGardener's complete field note >

6ew2's notes

"Small green buds were starting to appear with a light pink shell encasing their base. Most buds were a mere 1/2 a centimeter tall, but some were up to 1 centimeter. Blackened, shriveled seed-holders were at the tips of some of the plants, and were 2 1/2 centimeters around. I next went out on May 7...." Show me the rest of 6ew's field note >

Sniffly Salamander's notes

"It's a brisk morning, but I've been meaning to document this hemlock for months. I was determined to do it this morning..." I want to read more of Sniffly's notes! >

Lobster dog's notes

"I am happy because my teenage daughter jumped at the chance to go out in the woods exploring. I chose this mission because I heard there was bittersweet in the neighborhood, but I wasn't sure where. I looked in one spot and was unsure if it was there or not because of lack of berries. My neighbors were curious at what I was doing (I live in a very small town) and they pointed me in the right direction..." What happened next? Read more of Lobster dog's story! >

mskrockcrab12012's notes

"During this expedition, I was extremely pleased because, unlike previous research missions I previously completed, data was collected at an astounding rate. Locating the creatures upon the Kennebunk Beach was a purely menial task and I struggled to record data at a rate matching that of the quadrat teams. In fact, the only possible issue lay in focusing the field teams on a one meter section as many creatures were apparently just beyond its borders..." Show me more! Continue mskrockcrab12012's adventure. >

rose tella's notes

"Where we are looking for loosestrife is at MMS Pond. Its habitat is a marsh pond that is flooded most of the year. Our quadrat is 1/4 water 3/4 land. the land is very moist.but when we went outside. I had no boots and the pond was flooded so I had to stay to the side of the pond..." Learn more about rose tella and what happened next. >

Riverside7's notes

"We stand in thick brush, water seeping into our sneakers from the wet grass. Around us we hear birds chirping, and our classmates talking to each other. The vegetation around where we found our plant is rather tall (close to my knee, but a little shorter)..." Show me more of Riverside7's field notes! >

d2p3team5's notes

"Just outside the forests edge a field of ferns overtake everything in sight, even spreading, and becoming the tall green tree's underbrush. We weren't surprised to find this because it seems pretty commonly found in many places, we probably found at least five in the small area that we were in."
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