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Best all-around observations

best_all_heterosiphonia.jpg best_all_orange2.jpg best_all_nightshade.jpg best_all_orange.jpg best_all_fucus.jpg best_all_knotweed.jpg

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Impressive sketches

best_crab2.jpg best_marsh.jpg best_emily1.jpg best_frog.jpg best_tadpole.jpg best_cattail.jpg

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Great evidence photos

bestof_barberry_sq.jpg bestof_bullfrog_sq.jpg bestof_caddisfly_sq.jpg bestof_peeperfinger_sq.jpg bestof_hemlock_sq.jpg best_photo_scorp.jpg

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Community action photos

small_vs_trenton2_2010_0_0.jpg small_vs_trenton3_2010_0.jpg small_img_0007.jpg small_blog_falmouth2010_120210.jpg small_blog_0610institute.jpg small_blog122810_mehrhoff1.jpg

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Detailed field notes

  • "We were surprised to find how much the Oriental Bittersweet had taken over...".
  • "I thought I'd combine a trip to run errands with a trip to find invasive species...."
  • "For years we've been on the lookout for Maine's 10 most unwanted aquatic nuisance...."
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    Excellent written evidence

  • "The stem to purple loosestrife is always square. I cut a part of the stem to show...."
  • "The leaves are in between 5-12 cm, ours is approximately 7 cm, and are alternating...."
  • "The shape of this star is different than the northern sea star. This one has shorter arms...."
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    Coolest comments and conversations

  • "Your story is also a good lesson on why many of these plants have become invasive...."
  • "I really like your attitude about mistakes....
  • "All your clues about identifying this as didymo were spot on. Frankly, I was a little nervous...."
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    Creative projects that share results!

  • Dedham looks for didymo
  • Invasive wreaths need careful disposal, Portland Press Herald
  • Purple loosestrife comic
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