Birds Behavior when Given the Choice of Black Oil or Striped Sunflower Seeds

The purpose of this experiment is to find out how offering birds the choice of eating normal bird seed black oil sunflower seeds vs eating human seed striped sunflower seeds. I want to see how this changes bird behavior and how they react to this new food choice. I set up this design by hanging the two bird feeders each filled with one type of sunflower seed very close to each other so birds have the deliberate choice of which seed they want to eat. I am using two identical feeders, filled with the same amount of bird seed so the only difference in this experiment is the two sunflower seeds. In my results I am comparing how much seed was eaten by birds over the course of the experiment or just over one day. I am also identifying outliers or errors/bias data to show why that happened how it happened and how it affects my overall data collection. My conclusion is that neither of the two bird seeds are the best, I am showing why I think that by referring to the results, as well as analyzing/interpreting data in my opinion. I am also commenting on how the birds acted when this new food was offered to them I explain the behavior they gave as time went on in the experiment.

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1. Check grammar before publishing.

2. Do not round data to the nearest whole, as the data is less accurate.

3. Not many observations recorded.