Check out these Field Missions for Spring 2018


After a long and snowy winter, we know that school years will be going late here in Maine-- what a great opportunity to try out a field mission! Here are some of our new missions:

  • Locate a vernal pool near you, and search for the elusive fairy shrimp and amphibian egg masses. Are species that rely on vernal pools being affected by climate change?
  • Head to the forest and monitor the native and invasive shrubs. Do invasives gain advantage by leafing out earlier?
  • Wade into a nearby lake, pond, or pool. Turn over rocks, sift through the mud, and look for caddisflies and crayfish to determine whether their range is shifting in our warming climate.

Each of these new missions contains a supporting teacher guide with lesson plans, fieldwork resources, and teacher tips.

Other favorites for springtime:

Let us know which missions you are curious about. We would love to support you and hear your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment box below or email Meggie at