Eyes on the Water - Building a database!

    This summer the Lovell Invasive Plant Prevention Committee (LIPPC) and Kezar Lake Watershed Association (KLWA) have been rallying the community around getting to know the native freshwater plants in their watershed. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of heading out on the water with this army of engaged citizen scientists. It was a beautiful day. We had a blast, and with the help of species expert, Jackey Bailey, we learned a ton!

This community has generated so much great data. Here's the Vital Signs map zoomed in on all that great data.

Here's one of the observations posted from this trip:
Fragrant water lily FOUND

You can check out all of their work by going to the Eyes on the Water profile page. Leave comments to share your insights or to cheer them on!

Keep your eyes peeled for more events next summer!


Here's the full list of what we found on Horseshoe Pond from Jackey Bailey:

Horseshoe Pond Plant Paddle 8/19/12
Aquatic Plants Found

1. Floating Bur Reed – Sparganium fluctuans
2. Emergent Bur Reed – Sparganium spp.
3. Pickerel Weed – Pontedaria cordata
4. Three Way Sedge – Dulichium arundanacium
5. Spatterdock – Nuphar variegata
6. Fragrant Water Lily – Nymphaea odorata
7. Little Floating Heart – Nymphoides cordata
8. Watershield – Brasenia schreberi
9. Snailseed Pondweed – Potomogeton spirillus
10. Ribbon Pondweed – Potomogeton epihydrus
11. Large Purple Bladderwort – Utricularia purpurea
12. Northern Bladderwort – Utricularia intermedia
13. Water Starwort – Callitriche palustris
14. Pipewort – Eriocaulon aquaticum
15. Arrowhead – Sagittaria spp.
16. Turtle Head (edge plant) – Chelone glabra