Fall 2013 - Season Recap

    Fall field seasons are the busiest time of year for Vital Signs. It's no surprise given the unpredictable winter and spring weather here in Maine. This fall was no exception, and it was busier in some ways than any past. Here's more info on Vital Signs this fall and falls past.

Falls Past

Let's look back on the stats from falls past.

VS user Invasive Falcons

Fall 2009 - 2 observations, 193 comments, 4 projects, ~10 active citizen scientists, 3 active educators, 31 student teams

Fall 2010 - 623 observations, 699 comments, 22 projects, 16 active experts, ~40 active citizen scientists, 60 active educators, 517 student teams

Fall 2011 - 740 observations, 1289 comments, 4 projects, 26 active experts, ~50 active citizen scientists, 52 active educators, 456 student teams

Fall 2012 -560 observations, 2003 comments, 5 projects, 43 active experts, ~20 active citizen scientists, 70 active educators, 624 student teams

Note - Because some accounts have multiple role designations, the exact number of active citizen scientists is hard to report on.

VS user TKD21

Fall 2013 Stats

Species Observations Posted - 622
Comments made - 1623
Projects posted - 24

Active Contributors:
41 active experts
~20 active citizen scientists
71 active educators
653 active student teams

While we didn't break the record for species observations published, you can see how the number of participants has grown over time. Also, if you consider projects, comments, and observations together, this was the busiest fall yet!

Here are the schools that contributed to that activity:

    Falmouth Middle School
    Hamden Middle School
    Fort Hill Elementary School
    Woodland Consolidated School
    Massabesic Middle School
    South Portland High School
    Waynflete Lower School
    Messalonskee Middle School
    SeDoMoCha Middle School
    James F. Doughty Middle School
    Gorham Middle School
    Trenton Elementary School
    Bath Middle School
    Memorial Middle School
    Mahoney Middle School
    Loranger Middle School
    Auburn Middle School
    Jordan Small Middle School

Check out their work and the contributions of citizen scientists and species experts on the Explore Data page. If you see observations that you think should be added to the Best of pages, email your recommendations to vitalsigns@gmri.org.


If you see something great from this fall that we haven't included, let us know! Or if you have a great story from your fall activities, contribute a blog post :)

-The VS Team

Thanks for the fall report! So interesting to see how participation is shifting and changing over the years.

Way to go, everyone!