Hot Topic! New England Cottontail


Many of you may be familiar with the New England Cottontail from a past Hot Topic! we posted here a little over a year ago now. Didn't see that post? Check it out HERE.

New England Cottontails (NEC) are Maine's only native rabbit and they rely on young forest habitat to survive (so do 100's of other species as well). Because of many successful restoration projects across the region, the US Fish & Wildlife Service decided that the NEC did not need to be added to the Federal threatened and endangered list.

While these furry friends are not federally threatened or endangered, they are listed as an endangered species in Maine. So, if you are ready to get outside, but there is still snow around...have no fear! After a fresh snow is the best time to look for NEC.

If you are ready to head outside and look for NEC, check out Mission: New England Cottontail for details on how to gather this important data.