Shiny new data entry tools

    Time to play with the new data entry pages! We've been listening to you and watching where the data entry process trips you up. We think we've fixed some things and added some useful features. This is what we did...


1. You said, "It looks complicated," so we...

  • Cut the text way back, especially on the right side
  • Made each page look like real Tabs
  • Put some cute arrows in the Tabs so you can see more clearly that your work flows from left to right.

2. You said, "Horrors! I lost all the data on my Species Tab!," so we...

  • Added a feature that shows you the species data you've already entered. Each time you return to the Species Tab, you'll get to pick whether you want to make edits to a species observation you've already started, or enter a second or third species from scratch.

3. You said, "My GPS conked out in the field," and "My GPS put my observations in the wrong spot on the map," so we...

  • Put a map and locator tool on the Place Tab. Now, if you enter in your coordinates, you'll see immediately whether they show up in the right spot on the map. If your coordinates put you in the wrong spot, you can use the tool to find your spot. Or, just forget about bringing a GPS into the field, and click your spot on the map.

4. You said, "Do I have to enter data in ALL those boxes?," so we...

  • Made the red asterisks BIGGER to show you the which data are required and which aren't. To meet scientists' needs, you only need to fill in the required boxes, and can leave all others blank!

Sounds great, right? Go play. Let us know what you think about the improvements, and what you'd like to see next.