Teachers Inspire Our Future Scientists


Pat Parent, an amazing teacher from Massabesic Middle School, works each year to engage his students in authentic science that is relevant to their lives and their community. A piece of that work is doing citizen science with Vital Signs throughout the year.

Pat's students contribute to a number of Field Missions both on campus and from their own neighborhoods. Pat recently emailed us to share a message he received from a former student. Pat wanted to share this message with people that he felt supported him and his students along the way. We are grateful to be considered on that list. 

Dear Mr. Parent,
I'm graduating in less than a week and I'm feeling more and more compelled to write you this note. I'm enrolled at [college] for a degree in biology and it's all because of you. You were one of the few who encouraged my love of science and talked with me about my bugs and other weird passions. So I'd like to take a minute to thank you. I can't possibly express how much your support means to me, I can never repay you for the kindness you've shown. I hope that one day I get to be an entomologist. Please continue guiding kids into the world of science. 

-[“Bug Girl”]

We love the work we do supporting Pat and his students and so many other inspiring teachers across the state. This email from Pat’s student is evidence of the important impact that teachers across this state are having on students and their aspirations. Engaging students in authentic science investigations is one piece of that work, and we are grateful to work with a community of committed and inspiring teachers to help make that possible through Vital Signs. 

-The VS Team