If you hear us yelling that through the hallways, it means that our proposal to NOAA's Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-Wet) Program to create a Meaningful Watershed Education Experience (MWEE) in Maine was funded!

Seeding the database

The online data visualization prototype is in the works and nearing completion. We are gearing up for tests in Falmouth, Sanford, Kennebunk....

South Bristol howls

From: Edward Seidel
To: Sarah Morrisseau; Sarah Kirn
Subject: The wolf howls at midnight...

Package was delivered at 1100 hours to South Portland. Operative was thrilled with acquisition and sends regards. Children jumping up and down and looking forward to catching crayfish.

Q out

I am a Vital Signs??

The new "I am a PC"campaign got my attention as a potential motivator for Vital Signs involvement - a way to build community or connect community or showcase community.

What kind of airplane is it?

I observed students using our species cards to find invasive upland plants. Here's what screamed out. Plug your ears.

Good medicine

Ripped (sans permission!) from an email just received from Sarah K....

Young scientists brave Kennebunk rivers

Young scientists in Kennebunk are not afraid of getting their hands dirty in the name of science.... or their feet dirty for that matter.

Kennebunk first out of gates

Crayfish experts Matt Scott, Bill Reid, and Karen Wilson are awaiting results from a crayfish site comparison study by Kennebunk Middle School students slated for 9.12.08 at the Merriland River, Mousam River, Branch Brook, and the Kennebunk River.

Fields of paper

The paper prototype for data collection is ready to roll to students. It has come a long way from the version used during the Teacher Institute and initial student test in August.

Wiki-d good

As a baby step towards the Open Resources Exchange Forum, we've posted all model Vital Signs learning activities to a wikispace.

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