BOLO for Chinese Mitten Crabs

Green crabs have been getting a lot of press lately, but there's another crab invader on the East Coast to Be On the Look Out (BOLO) for. The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center wants your observations of Chinese mitten crabs.

Want to help monitor for the Chinese mitten crab? Here's what you can do:

So much activity this summer!!

    There was so much activity this summer! Check it out. Leave some comments. Let us know if you see something that should be on the best of pages. There were 220 Species Observations posted and 331 comments made. That's more activity than any other summer so far!

MSSM Educators Camp 2013 - Another awesome week!

    It was my pleasure to spend another week in Limestone at MSSM's 2013 STEM Educators Collaborative. I had an amazing time co-teaching a VS course with Pat Parent and spending time with fun, inspiring, and engaged STEM educators. I can't wait until next year. For now, here's a little bit about what we did.

Vital Signs Summer Internship

Hi Vital Signs Community!

I'm Jeffrey, the 2013 VS Summer intern. In a quick blog post, I wanted to introduce myself and give all of you a quick overview of what I've done this summer for the VS community.

Intern Event 2013

    On Tuesday, July 16th, the VS team including Jeffrey, the VS intern, headed out with five other GMRI interns in search of native and invasive species in Robinson Woods II in Cape Elizabeth. It was great to introduce the interns to VS (of course Jeffrey is an old pro).

Spring 2013 - A Rockin' Field Season

    The Vital Signs community had another energetic and exciting spring. Students, educators, citizen scientists, and species experts actively contributed and shared data, multimedia projects, feedback, and encouraging comments. Read all about it!

What does an insect have to do with basket weaving?

If you're interested in learning what an invasive insect has to do with basket weaving, here's an event for you!

VS club in Vinalhaven - Collaborating to solve problems and engage kids outside

    Guest blog post by Amy Palmer, Vinalhaven School

    This fall and winter we started a Vital Signs club at Vinalhaven School. Our focus so far has been on the Winter Moth.

Shiny new data entry tools

    Time to play with the new data entry pages! We've been listening to you and watching where the data entry process trips you up. We think we've fixed some things and added some useful features. This is what we did...

Reclaiming Mackworth

Guest post by Jamien Jacobs, Friends School of Portland, Mackworth Island

What's the problem?

    Mackworth Island, off the coast of Falmouth, is currently home to several schools, a stunning public trail around its perimeter, and miles and miles of tangled Asiatic bittersweet. Completely eradicating bittersweet on Mackworth Island would be a Herculean task, but a science teacher and students from the Friends School of Portland are working on it. Read all about it.
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