Burning Bush

I think we found a Burning Bush. I think we found a Burning Bush because the stem has a small crevice throughout it. It also has two different colors green and brown. The burning bush has multiple stems. One reason why this plant is a burning bush is because, the stem on a burning bush has a crevice and the brown part sticks out. There are small points that come out about every 2 inches. The burning bushes stem doesn’t have many leaves but it does have a pretty good amount. The leaves change from green to pinkish red. They are simple leaves, and are placed opposite from each other. The Burning Bush is a tall and wide plant. We had a fun time studying the Burning Bush.

Project Information
City or Town: 
South Portland, Maine
School or Organization: 
Mahoney Middle
Scientific name:
Euonymus alatus
Common name:
Burning bush
Upland - Forest
Resources I used to create this project: 
Google Docs