Burning Bush

I think I found the burning bush because I measured the bush and it was about 60 inches or 5 feet tall. It will only grow a few more feet. The Burning Bush slightly bends over like a tree. The Burning Bush has a spread of five to seven feet, and our plant was the same. Our plant looked a lot like the Burning Bush, everything was the same as the description on Vital Signs. After we looked at other examples we decided that it was the Burning Bush.
The leaf of a Burning Bush is an oval shape with a pointed tip. It has toothed edges and an opposite leaf arrangement. I believe that is the same leaves this plant has.There are tiny flowers on the Burning Bush from May through June, which eventually turn into red berries called Ari. The birds will eat the berries fast though! Another reason we know we have the Burning Bush is that the leaves turn red in the fall and in the spring through summer they are green.That is the same with our plant, which also had green leaves that turned red and eventually fell off of the Bush.
The stem of the bush has extra roots all around the stem like wings. Most of the time there are around four “wings” sticking out along the branches. The leaves are spread out along the stem, not in bunches. The branches are dark brown/grey, a normal stem. The Burning Bush does not have any thorns sticking out along the stem, it instead has soft, short twigs sticking out along the edges like we said before. The Burning Bush can be found throughout New England, it’s natural habitat.

Project Information
City or Town: 
South Portland
School or Organization: 
Mahoney Middle School
Scientific name:
Euonymus alatus
Common name:
Burning bush