A record breaking spring

    The Vital Signs community is setting new participation records this spring!

    523 species observations and 16 projects (including 22 species ID cards) were posted. 710 supportive and informative conversations were had by students, educators, species experts, and citizen scientists!

    Highlighted here are some of the great observations that were published, and some of the participants who are making an impact. Keep in mind that there were MANY great observations, projects, and comments contributed. Be sure to check out the new additions to the Best of Vital Signs page!

GMRI MSSM SERC: Acronyms galore add up to good times!

Guest blog entry from SuperStar!

    I had the chance to go catch up with students from the Maine School of Science and Mathematics for a weekend of learning and sharing about research careers here in Maine. The students left the potato fields of Limestone, and I left the bustling metropolis of Portland, and we met up at the Schoodic Education Research Institute along with scientists from the National Park Service, Bigelow Laboratory, Jackson Laboratory, and GMRI....

In the Field Fall 2011 - Inter-Island Conversations

    Jamien and Amy are two teachers in the Vital Signs community. Their students have been hard at work exploring their local ecosystems. I'll give you some hints, and see if you can guess where these student scientists are hard at work.

Vital Signs 2011 Contest Winners

    Great entries were submitted for our Faces of Vital Signs Photo Contest and our Create and Share Project Contest. Thanks to all for sharing your work!

    Congratulation to our winners!

Massabesic hits the editorials


    Flip to the Letters to the Editor in today's Portland Press Herald and you'll find a Massabesic student wishing us all an invasive-free holiday season! Here's the direct link:

Here's Elizabeth's letter (thanks for the plug, Elizabeth!!):
Invasive wreaths need careful disposal....

Who's behind the 722 fall observations?

    722 species observations were contributed this fall by students, educators, and citizen scientists! The Vital Signs community would like to recognize and thank the teachers and students from these schools for their incredible data and project contributions during the field season. One species observation from each school is highlighted below.

A big jump in commenting!

    I was messing around with our website reports this afternoon to see what I might be able to learn from a little playful graphing. I had an inkling that student commenting was on the rise, but was shocked (pleasantly!) to see this particular upward trend...

Belgrade Workshop

    On the sunny and brisk Saturday that was November 5, 2011, a community came together to learn about their local Vital Signs mission.

    Check out the video blog to see what we did!

An Invasive Species Close Call

    The fall field season has been a busy one. Students and citizen scientists have added valuable found and not found data to the Vital Signs database on invasive and native species across the state, playing an essential role in statewide efforts to document and respond to invasive species.

Spring 2011 Action

The spring 2011 field season has come to a close. Here's a list of where the VS action was! One interesting note: there were fewer educators and students participating this spring than in the fall, but they covered way more ground!

Students looked for species in these towns:

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