10-minute VS party

I experimented last week with a different webinar approach - a PARTY! of sorts - that would give educators a quick overview of the website enhancements, and serve as a quick refresher just before the start of the spring field season.

“A” is for “April Institute” and for “Asking Questions”

    Twenty educators representing Maine elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and a 4-H program and 3 Vital Signs Educator Leaders arrived at GMRI on Friday, April 6, ready to learn about and participate in Vital Signs.

In the Field Fall 2011 - Inter-Island Conversations

    Jamien and Amy are two teachers in the Vital Signs community. Their students have been hard at work exploring their local ecosystems. I'll give you some hints, and see if you can guess where these student scientists are hard at work.

Vital Signs 2011 Contest Winners

    Great entries were submitted for our Faces of Vital Signs Photo Contest and our Create and Share Project Contest. Thanks to all for sharing your work!

    Congratulation to our winners!

GMRI considers Framework

Sarah K, our fearless Program Manager, shares how GMRI is internalizing and acting on the ideas and vision of the Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas. Here are Sarah’s thoughts….

From my first read of the Executive Summary I’ve been excited about the direction in which the Framework for K-12 Science Education Standards is driving science education.

Who's behind the 722 fall observations?

    722 species observations were contributed this fall by students, educators, and citizen scientists! The Vital Signs community would like to recognize and thank the teachers and students from these schools for their incredible data and project contributions during the field season. One species observation from each school is highlighted below.

Belgrade Workshop

    On the sunny and brisk Saturday that was November 5, 2011, a community came together to learn about their local Vital Signs mission.

    Check out the video blog to see what we did!

An Invasive Species Close Call

    The fall field season has been a busy one. Students and citizen scientists have added valuable found and not found data to the Vital Signs database on invasive and native species across the state, playing an essential role in statewide efforts to document and respond to invasive species.

August 2011 Educator Institutes

    August was a busy month for the Vital Signs community and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Education Group. We concluded the summer with two educator institutes. In the first two weeks of the month, two different and equally engaged and phenomenal groups of educators came through the doors of the big gray building on Commercial Street. Check out some of what we did!

Fish need you!

    Special blog entry from go science and dfriant!

    Our fish need you! If you enjoy “fishin” for bass and want to continue, consider being a citizen scientist for your favorite lake. Get hooked on the Vital Signs citizen scientist program and learn about invasive aquatic species that may be inhabiting your lake.

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