Species Expert Panel streams live

    Anyone who knows anything about the GMRI Education Team knows that we welcome a good experiment. This one was just too good to pass up.

Institute evolution

August 20 closed out our 2010 Teacher Institute season. We shook things up this summer, took some risks, and moved our professional development approach many steps forward. I'm putting these good ideas right here in a safe place.

Real-time really happens

    Alexa was in beautiful Castine pulling off another stellar Vital Signs workshop - this time a 3-hour whirlwind tour at the MLTI Annual Summer Institute.

    I was at my desk in steamy Portland chugging away on curriculum.

    All of a sudden....

June in view

    The June Teacher Institute was a great success with an incredible group of teachers and educators. For a taste, here are some shots of our biodiversity investigation at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.



With the first Vital Signs Teacher Institute of the summer just one short week away we thought it would be neat to see where everyone is coming from. Wow!! We were right, this is neat!

Battle of the Aliens!

On a walk through Mill Creek Park in South Portland, the Mahoney Environmental Explorers noticed that a woody vine with orange berries was wrapping itself around a large bush with winged stems. “That is strange,” said a curious explorer.

13 + 17 + 21 = awesome

We started a year ago with 13 teacher advisors. In a few short days we're welcoming 17 more. In a few short weeks we'll stir in 21 more. In a few short months we'll welcome their hundreds of students...and their hundreds of students' observations and projects and great ideas and... Wow!

Bart the Mother

Laura Seaver, teacher extraordinare from Old Orchard Beach's Loranger MS, pointed us to this Simpsons episode from 1998.


The Sanford Newspaper ran a story on Diana Allen's seventh grade students' experience tackling Vital Signs at Number One Pond:

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