Common Barberry - Hebron Station School

Vital Signs Curriculum Outline - Lydia Eusden Hebron Station School

Setting up Science Notebooks
Purpose of a science notebook
Cover for ownership
What is a Scientist Pre Assessment
Pagination and Symbols
Scientific Sketching ~ Techniques (Sugar Pine cone)
NonFiction Resource of a Field Guide
How do they work?
Photograph/Illustration, Range Map, Technical Terms, Common z Name/Scientific Name, Leaves, Fruit, Size, Height
Exercise of researching a Sugar Pine
Population Over Time
10 Day Overview
Field Work - Hebron Station School Campus and nearby Recreation Trail
Locating 5 Common Plants Using a Field Guide
Searching For Common Barberry and/or Russian Olive
Photography - Using Cameras for obtaining Evidence
Sketching - for Obtaining Evidence
Collect Data of Populations in Field Area
Research - Web Based
Analyzing Data
Using Mathematical Thinking in a Real World Situation
Discussion of What Do We Do Now?
Weighing Pros and Cons
Guest Visitor - Oxford County Soil and Water District
Decision Making - Debate Fish Bowl Format
Oral Presentation Skills In Practice
Informational Writing
What have we Researched, What Do We Now Know

Project Information
City or Town: 
School or Organization: 
Hebron Station School
Scientific name:
Berberis vulgaris
Common name:
Common barberry
Upland - Field
Resources I used to create this project: 
field guides
How should others reference your work?: 
Hebron Station School