Dedham Looks for Didymo

The students at Dedham School had a close call with a didymo look alike. With the help of these citizen scientists, Paul Gregory at the DEP was able to determine that didymo was NOT FOUND in Mill Stream.

Check out the video they made to share their experience.

Project Information
School or Organization: 
Dedham School
Scientific name:
Didymosphenia geminata
Common name:
Freshwater - In a stream or river
How should others reference your work?: 
Dedham School, Mission: Rock snot, Vital Signs Program, 11/8/11
See video


It's great to see citizen scientists in training! I believe the future of science will be more about kids wading in streams than PhDs in pharmaceutical labs.

Maybe you should consider piping that exciting music through the school's PA system during sure would have made me sit up during chem class ;)

Hey my name is A.J. with '' Epix Productions ''. I know my teacher Mrs. Tate is trying to set up a video chat so we can discuss video making tips. I look forward to chatting with you and your students to enlighten you on modern film-making techniques that your students can use to make their own video projects. You can comment back to me and give me some questions you have about film-making so I'll know what to touch base on about film-making. Well like I said I look forward to chatting with you guys and I hope to have questions to answer about film-making. I'll make sure to get back if you have any questions.

Thanks for the generous offer! We have a team of 5-6th grade students who are just setting out to create a 1-3minute video about our bittersweet eradication and habitat restoration project. I will pass your information on to them - I'm sure they will be psyched to "talk" with you! What medium would work for you? Your teacher suggested video conferencing.

A few questions to start: What program did you use to put it together?
How long (approximately) did it take to make the whole thing?
I LOVE your creative beginning - how did that idea come about? It's a fun creative hook.
How did you and your classmates make decisions about what to include and not include?

That's enough for now. Looking forward to more conversation soon!

We're very proud of our 8th grade! They not only had a great time monitoring for an invasive species, but they had a great time using new technology to show their work. We have a few students especially interested in film-making who would love to give tips. We can arrange video-conferencing with any interested schools!

Science Teacher
Dedham School

Wow! You guys and gals rock the house! What a creative and informative video - totally inspiring and it looks like you had a blast doing your field work.
Thanks for posting it. Can my students contact you for video making tips???

Science Teacher
Friends School of Portland