Field Investigation Comic

This was a comic that I put together with the pictures that we didn't use from our investigation at the lilly pond. I thought this might be a great way for kids to express their trips in another format.

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The ComicLife program found on the MLTI imaged MacBooks.


WhiteMountainEyes, If you're willing to share a student-drawn comic or two with the VS Community, please do. If you don't have a scanner, your cameras should get clear enough shots of them. Go to the Project Bank (, click on "Post my project," and upload! Can't wait.

What a terrific idea! It looks like your group found lots of wonderful inhabitants at Lilly Pond.

I also used comics in my class, but had the students draw comics to explain what the thought they vectors were and how exactly the plants got there. It was fun and entertaining for them, but also got them thinking. It worked out really well!

I'd love to see your students' comics!