Fieldwork Management Strategies: Supporting Documents

Use these documents, developed by Vital Signs teacher Kellie Ouellette, to manage student teams and support students in monitoring their own growth and learning in their Vital Signs investigations.

Kellie's explanation of how she uses the resources:

Here are a few documents I created to help manage and assess fieldwork. I use the "Groups" sheet on a clip board when we go outside so that I can check off who I met with along the way to check to be sure they have their GPS coordinates, see how they are doing in terms of collecting field notes/photos, etc. Then, I use it to keep track of how far along different groups are in terms of getting their work published. Each group has a folder with their materials (species ID card(s) and field notes) and they turn their folders in with their self and peer evaluations as well as their rubrics.

See further explanation of how Kellie prepares her students for fieldwork and reflects with them afterwards in this blog post.

Project Information
Grade Level: 
Middle school (grades 6-8)
Resources I used: 
These resources were created by Vital Signs teacher, Kellie Ouellette