Findings from the Field Volume 1

Volume 1 of Maine's first science journal that is researched, written, and reviewed entirely by middle school students. Download the full journal here.

Project Information
Resources I used to create this project: 
Monica Wright’s students from Bath Middle School, Rhonda Tate’s students from Dedham School, Elissa Koskela’s students from Troy Howard Middle School, Carey Hotaling’s student from Falmouth Middle School, Angela Gospodarek’s students from Gorham Middle School, Lydia Eusden’s students from Hebron School, Glenn Powers’ students from the Center for Teaching and Learning, Cynthia Nye’s students from Loranger Memorial School, Bill McWeeney’s students from Adams School
How should others reference your work?: 
Student author's name (2018) article title, Findings from the Field, Vol 1, page numbers


To all the students and teachers involved with researching and writing for volume 1- congratulations on this undertaking and for working towards such an incredible result! I am so excited to read the whole thing, and show my students to get them excited for next year's investigations!! Well done!