Findings: Green Crab Trap Study


Bath Middle School students have gone and investigated about green crabs, and what they are doing to our ecosystem. We have gone to investigate about this problem at Fort Popham, Todd’s Landing, and Griffith’s Head to catch, graph, and study green crabs in October. Then I graphed two graphs for how much crab’s were caught in each year. And I also gave a box and whisker plots for the maximum and lower crab counts which are 119 and 34 for Griffith’s Head. And for Todd’s Landing minimum and maximum was 97 and 14. And at all the locations we went to, there almost no native crab species. Green crabs are pushing native crabs deeper into the water, and we set the trap at shallow water. But pretty soon, green crabs may push native crabs all the way, that is why we need to try to stop this attack.

Project Information
City or Town: 
Bath, Maine Bath Middle School
School or Organization: 
Bath Middle School
Scientific name:
Carcinus maenas
Common name:
Green crab
Resources I used to create this project: 
See my article for works cited.


Not accepted for publication: Question connects to the limited background research and is exciting! I love the idea of taking an inventory of the multiple ways this scientist might see the impacts of green crab directly and what type of inventory they would use. Needed a bit more background on what has been found in terms of the variety of impacts the green crab has presented so far. Excellent methods section with clear instructions and explanation of what data to record. Love the box and whiskers, but more so the description of the five statistics given by the plot. Awesome! The data collected didn't really connect to the initial question posed.

This scored a 16 out of 20, and I would definitely recommend it for publishing.

This person clearly stated the problem, results, and solution, they explained why the problem is important, and how they set up the experiment and collected data.

The only suggestions I have, are to use measurements in the methods section, how many sardines, how much oil? And talk a little about existing knowledge. Otherwise it looks great.