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Share how you're using Vital Signs with students, implementing best practices, and experimenting with different ways to facilitate investigations. Your insider ideas and practices are critical to the evolution of Vital Signs.
This is a space for all the educators who are working on bringing more work with data into the classroom. Let's share struggles, strategies, resources, and triumphs.
3 20 1 week 2 days ago
by Anjaa
For data to be useful to the scientific community, it needs to meet some basic criteria. How do we get all students to this level, and then push them towards exceptional field notes, evidence, and measurements?
4 31 5 years 2 weeks ago
by christinev
Teachers share the problems they encounter - and how they solved them - as they implement Vital Signs in their classrooms. "It is so important to discuss the triumphs. After all we are science-minded people and one of the things we do best is solve problems!" (2010 teacher)
3 4 3 years 24 weeks ago
by gmri
Taking classroom learning outside has its challenges. Here's a treasure trove of strategies for supporting learning and data collection in the field.
1 11 5 years 1 week ago
by sniffly salamander
This is the shiny new house for our b'storm and best ideas for building a fab rubric/assessment tool for use in classrooms. If you have ideas, or a rubric you already use for assessing content, fieldwork, collaboration, etc., please share your smarts here.
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Classroom teachers, out-of-school educators, and community leaders reflect on a chat about the best practices they read bout in Ready, Set, Science!, research questions their students will get excited about, project ideas, what they imagine their learning spaces will be like when doing Vital Signs, more!
This 2-day next steps institute focuses two new curricula, Population Change Over Time Data Investigation and Managing Invasive Species: Engaging the Next Generation in Resource Management.
4 87 34 weeks 2 days ago
by GretchenKimball
Share your reflections from the Vital Communities Online PD Module here.
3 3 41 weeks 3 days ago
by gmri
This forum is a space where we can all share resources and ideas around supporting and implementing authentic science investigations in the classroom.
4 57 18 weeks 2 days ago
by prento33
This is a place to post your reflections on the reflection questions each week as well as any additional reflections and questions you may have.
3 49 50 weeks 5 days ago
by cvoyer
This is a place for educators to reflect and share ideas and resources to support student learning around data.
2 59 1 year 30 weeks ago
by GLewis
This is a space for participants in our Online Intro Institute to share reflections as they learn about and experience Vital Signs.
3 105 1 year 23 weeks ago
by Moss Boss
This is a spot where the Colby College students who are using Vital Signs in after-school programs can reflect on what they are up to and how well it's working. They would love to have experienced Vital Signs educators share their insights. Join in the conversation!
1 11 4 years 22 weeks ago
by christinev
This is the perfect place to put your pre-institute assignment. During the I'tute, we'll use this space for discussions about learning and assessment.
10 101 4 years 18 weeks ago
by manyeyes
This is our spot to do some thinking, reflecting, and imagining together about what VS might look like in our classrooms this spring.
2 37 4 years 50 weeks ago
by deek490
Imagine yourself turning what you experienced here today into something that helps further Mission: Belgrade. What does that something look like?
1 14 5 years 24 weeks ago
by Tsuga
Tell us what types of projects you do (or could do) with your students to conclude your investigations and share your findings with your local community and the Vital Signs community.
3 5 5 years 24 weeks ago
by kezarslc
This forum is a place for reflecting on the experiences of the first ever Vital Signs Advanced Institute. What worked? What didn't? How can we support you further? Share your insight, and help Vital Signs evolve!
3 3 5 years 36 weeks ago
by gmri
A place for us to discuss and share ideas about how to use watershed experiences in ways that help students learn about watersheds and dig more deeply into asking questions, collecting data, making meaning, sharing findings, and taking action in their own communities.
8 145 5 years 36 weeks ago
by ns2me
This is the place to share your golden lines. As you read through Ready, Set, Science! mark the lines that speak to you and share them here!
1 30 6 years 41 weeks ago
by brilea
This is the place to share your golden lines. As you read through Ready, Set, Science! mark the lines that speak to you and share them here!
16 37 6 years 24 weeks ago
by mstafford
This is the place to share your golden lines. As you read through Ready, Set, Science! mark the lines that speak to you and share them here!
2 15 6 years 35 weeks ago
by Steph
This forum is intended for conversations between the Citizen Science in Classrooms participants.
12 144 4 years 52 weeks ago
by Lobster dog
Looking for just the right research question to frame your Vital Signs experience? How about projects? Look no further! This forum's for you. Share your own questions and project ideas while you're here.
6 6 5 years 7 weeks ago
by gmri