VS Teacher Advisors storm on projects

Here is a great list of projects from our Teacher Advisors, brainstormed in great fashion and good humor on June 25, 2009.

Informational videos
Explain a local environmental issue & offer a solution
Document action taken to address a local environmental issue around biodiversity, ecosystem health, or invasive species
Explain all the ways humans in your town move species from one place to another
Profile a species of interest in your area – an invasive that has established a population, an invasive that is impacting a native species, an invasive that you’d rather not have brought to your town

How-to videos (using your camera & iMovie)
How to identify a species
How to tell two very similar species apart
How to do a quadrat study in an upland ecosystem
How to build & care for field equipment that’ll last for a decade

Public service announcement podcasts
Please check your boat before you enter and leave a lake
Please check your boots after hiking or mucking around
Please be on the look-out for these species because….

Formal scientific poster that include these sections:
Materials & methods

Formal scientific talk for a public audience:
Outline the talk
Prepare visual aids (including graphs made using Numbers)
Announce your talk and invite guests
Present in a clear, engaging way

Formal scientific paper for a research journal that includes:
Materials & methods
Results (including graphs made using Numbers)
Literature cited

Species slide shows (using Keynote) that include these slides:
(Mike Denniston, grade 7, Middle School of the Kennebunks)
Information about the organism
Classification of organism
Life cycle of organism
Graph of population or diversity data
If invasive, impacts on native species
If native, threatened by which invasive species

Creative writing & art
Turn field notes into poetry
Combine your photos, field notes, field sketches, and written evidence into a slide show or poster that documents and explains your field experience
Create your own species & make a Vital Signs species card that would help someone else find it
Write and perform a puppet show
Create a popular ‘Zine pamphlet

Articles for a local newspaper that includes:
What, when, where, why, who
Written with a general, local audience in mind

Blog entries
Blog as though you are an invasive species (see Second Mate Stubbs’ “A Day in the Life of a Crayfish" blog!)
Journal about an adventure you had while collecting data

Discussion forum entries
Share a trick you use to identify a species in the Vital Signs “species identification tips and tricks" forum
Tell a story about something unexpected that happened to you while in the field in the Vital Signs “stories from the field" forum