A Homemade Squirrel Baffle Works just as well as a Commercial Baffle when Deterring Squirrels from Pole Feeders

I researched whether a homemade squirrel baffle made from entirely recycled materials works as well as a standard cone-shaped commercial baffle. I set up two feeders, one with each baffle, and set up a trail camera to catch the squirrels. Just about every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, I reset the feeders, checked my camera, and recorded the data I found; the number of squirrels that defeated each baffle, and how persistent they were. I recorded the numbers in a table, and the behaviors in a pie chart. I found that both baffles had a 100% success rate, I had three squirrels on my baffle, and two on the other, and all were defeated. Two of the squirrels were persistent, one was relatively persistent, and two were defeated easily. Based off of those results, I have come to the conclusion that a homemade baffle is just as effective as a commercial one, so people don’t need to waste their money buying a commercial baffle, when they can just make one themselves. I also found that when there was more snow and more seed, the squirrels were more persistent, and when there was less snow and seed, they were less persistent.

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Edgecomb Maine
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Center for Teaching and Learning
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By my abstract.


Hi CTLoaktree1990,

The introduction includes great background information for the project but does not make complete connections to the Question. The references are not well defined. The question is well defined and a good one that can be researched. The method was clearly stated.The result tables are clear. The circle graph was a good choice for showing the data. The number of data points presents a problem. Your conclusion is accurate according to the data. But your confidence in it is weak and should be stated in the conclusion. Some of your discussion about behaviors may be overstated. This was a good research paper that, with more data and better explained background connections, could be a publishable paper. Good work!

~The Findings editorial board

Score: 15/20
I recommend this article for publication because the research was very thorough. Also, it was specific and well explained. Lastly, the research was interesting.