Invasive Species & Biodiversity Data Investigation - New and Improved!

Explore the research question, "Does an invasive species impact biodiversity in my area?" with this full unit of study. Through this investigation, your students will develop understandings around interdependent relationships in ecosystems, skills in analyzing and interpreting data, and confidence in conducting authentic scientific research.They will explore the impact that invasive species have on biodiversity in local habitats while they collect and interpret real data and communicate their findings with a community of scientists.

This unit offers a series of lesson plans that, when completed in full, could extend to over a month of study. Resources include teacher instructions, student handouts, and formative and summative assessment tools to support new Vital Signs users and program veterans alike. Please use, adapt, and share how you use these resources in your classroom!

Project Information
Grade Level: 
Middle school (grades 6-8)