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This is my field notes

The trees were close together (I think they are the same tree) like 10 to 11 inches(25 to 28 cm.) away from each other. The tree is at least10 meter sticks long but I think it's still growing, it still has leafs in October. It wasn't very humid and the area was at the edge of the woods near our campus.It was sunny out.The leaves are toothed and the leaf ends at a point.The research question is what plants/trees are on the campus. The area smelled like pine.We went out at 11:30am and it was 65 degreesF out.It wasn't very humid and the area was at the edge of the woods near our campus.It was sunny out.The tree bark was white with gray spots on it.Made by 53ko33. The leaves were green. That's why I think it's a gray birch.The reason we went out there was to see what trees/plants are on campus.