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Invasive species are making headlines across Maine, the US, and the world. We're doing our best to keep track of news stories relevant to the VS community. Shoot us a quick email whenever you find an interesting story. We'll add your links to this growing collection.


Invasive species debate

    New York Times, 4.2.11,
    Mother Nature's melting pot
      Rubuttal - New York Times Opinion, 4.10.11
      What to do about invasive species?

    Boston Globe, 7.31.11
    The invasive species war

      Rebuttal - New England Wildflower Society, 7.31.11
      Letter to the editor"

    The Scientist: Magazine of the Life Sciences, 9/7/11
    The Invasive Ideology: Biologists and conservationists are too eager to demonize non-native species

    New York Times, Opinion, 7.23.11
    I killed the Bufo

    NPR News, Science Friday, 7.15.11
    Time to stop picking on weeds and non-natives?

    New York Times, Opinion, 3.19.12
    Hi. I'm a nutria., 07.02.13
    Invasive lionfish (not in Maine!) are such effective predators they are becoming obese

    Earth Techling, 07.07.13
    Biofuels from invasive species open Pandora's box


    New York Times, 4.23.12
    So Much Life on a Little Patch of Earth

Climate change and range expansion

    New York Times, 5.29.12
    (England) A Butterfly Takes Wing on Climate Change

Asian clams (not in ME, but on the move!)

    News Release, Lake George Asian Clam Rapid Response Task Force, 7.21.11
    (New York) Second Infestation of Asian Clams found in Lake George

Cane toad (not in Maine, but a case study not to be missed!)

    ABC News, Australia, 6.14.12
    (Australia) Poison pill the latest weapon against toads

Chinese mystery snail

    Daily Bulldog, Franklin County's First News
    That's a lot of snails: 504 pounds pulled from Clearwater Lake

Emerald ash borer

    Biological Invasions, February 2013
    Effects of the emerald ash borer invasion on four species of birds

    Nashua, 8.20.12
    Hanging purple beetle traps are a sign of the invasive-species times

    Portland Press Herald, 7.28.11
    Battle of the bugs

    Burlington Free, 8.14.11
    The 007 wasp: Vermont's Cerceris wasp is on the front lines against the emerald ash borer

Fish species invasive to Maine

    Portland Press Herald, 6.20.13
    Woman appeals koi case to Maine's highest court, possibly legalizing an invasive species

    Bangor Daily News, 10.03.12
    Scientists look to remove goldfish from the fish bowl that is Maine's aquatic ecosystem, 8.20.12
    Invasive species put brook trout in danger

    Portland Press Herald, 8.19.12
    Troubled waters for wild brook trout: Non-native predatory fish are taking a big bite out of Maine's brook trout habitat

    Portland Press Herald, 8.19.12
    Battling invasives is costing big bucks: But the loss of Maine's brook trout fisheries could take a greater toll, on eco-tourism dollars

Giant hogweed

    CBS News, 07.13.13
    Poisonous plants like wild parsnip could spoil your summer (This video is not for the faint-hearted. Disturbing images of welts on the body shown.)

    Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 05.22.12
    Dangerous plant taking root in Maine

    Portland Press Herald, 8.1.11
    State confirms poisonous plant sightings: The noxious weed is in Windham, Sebago, and 2 other Maine locales

Green crabs

    Bangor Daily News, 7.09.13
    As greeb crab invasion takes toll on Maine clams, researchers worry lobsters are the next victim

    Portland Press Herald, 5.27.13
    In Maine, green crabs threaten clamming: Freeport funds study as clammers take the offensive

Hemlock woolly adelgid

    Boston.Com, 04.11.13
    Beetles to fight hemlock woolly adelgids in Maine State Parks

    Morning Sentinel, 2.5.12
    Officials hunt invasive insect in Maine

    Press Release, Maine Forest Service, 5.13.12
    New hemlock woolly adelgid infestation discovered

    WCSH6, 5.9.10
    Volunteers scour park in search of woolly adelgid

    WCSH6, 5.5.10
    Beetles to fight adelgids in Maine

Heterosiphonia japonica, red Asian seaweed

    Bristol-Warren Patch, Rhode Island, 7.09.13
    Local [Rhode Island] Students Track Invading Seaweed

    The Herald Chronicle, Nova Scotia, 1.27.13
    Asian invader hits N.S. waters: Invasive seaweed already out of control off New England

    Bangor Daily News, 11.29.12
    Invasive seaweed species spotted on Maine coast poses threat to lobstermen and beachgoers

    The Forecaster, 11.29.12
    South Portland students discover invasive seaweed

    Gulf of Maine Research Institute Press Release, 11.27.12
    First confirmed landfall of invasive red seaweed discovered by South Portland Students

    MPBN, 11.01.12
    Divers Find Invasive Red Asian Seaweed off Cape Elizabeth

    The Working Waterfront (Island Institute), 11.3.12
    Invasive Seaweed Creeping Up Maine Coast Science News, 9.13.12
    Invasive red algae found on Maine island, 6.27.12
    Invasive seaweed threatens environment along New England coast, 6.28.12
    Smelly seaweed invades state's shoreline


    Science Daily (, 10/11/10
    (Missouri) Invasive honeysuckle increase risk of tick-borne disease in suburbs


    MaineWatch, 7.10.10
    Hydrilla Invasion

    DemocratandChronical.COM, 2.28.12
    Monster weed threatens Finger Lakes in Ithaca, New York

Japanese knotweed

    Portland Press Herald, 3.3.11
    Maine beekeepers having a honey of a season

    BBC News
    Superweed Japanese knotweed's astonishing growth"

    Science (, 3.31.11
    Loosing the louse on Europe's largest invasive pest


    Portland Press Herald, 09.25.14
    Small amount of milfoil found at lake in Winthrop

    WABI TV5, 09.24.14
    Invasive Milfoil Found in Annabessacook Lake in Winthrop

    Maine Calling, 07.22.14
    Invasive Aquatic Plants in Maine

    Morning Sentinel, 5.25.12
    Great Meadow Stream, Great Pond off limits until milfoil plants removed

    Morning Sentinel, 02/26/12
    Milfoil a growing threat to close part of Great Pond

    Lakes Environmental Association, July 2011
    Milfoil Update 2011

    Morning Sentinel, 9/17/10
    Lake defenders fight green menace: Messalonskee Lake Association hires help to combat milfoil

    Morning Sentinel, 9/1/10
    Group scoops milfoil to save cove in Naples

    WCSH6, 8/31/10
    New boat sucks milfoil out of Sebago Lake

Oriental bittersweet

    Portland Press Herald, Opinion, 12.29.11
    Invasive wreaths need careful disposal

Purple loosestrife

    Portland Press Herald, 3.3.11
    Maine beekeepers having a honey of a season

    NECN, 7.14.08
    Beetles used to fight invasive plant

Rock snot/ didymo, 6.5.12
    (Pennsylvania) Invasive algae didymo confirmed in Pennsylvania's Youghiogheny River

Spiny water flea (not in ME, but on the move!)

    Press Release, NY Department of Environmental Conservation, 9/17/10
    Spiny water flea confirmed in Sacandaga Lake near Speculator: (New York) Aquatic invasive species now found in 4 waters in southern Adirondacks

Winter moth

    The Cape Courier, 6.11.13
    State releases parasitic flies to battle winter moths

    Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 6.4.12
    New Invasive Pest Found in Harpswell