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Asclepias syriaca
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Field Notes
After at least half a day of school, we were all happy to get outside! The smell of grass was crisp in the air, and the younger children were making quite a bit of noise on the playground on the other side of the field. There was so much milkweed around! The only annoying thing about this nice experience was that the “nice breeze” continuously blew our papers away!
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
The pod was oval shape, long point, and was green. Inside of them they had a poisonous milky sap. The poison is only poisonous to animals to eat. The only animal that it is not poisonous to is the monarch butterfly or caterpillar.
Photo of my evidence.
The stem is thick, no branches, and is light green all year long from spring to fall.
Photo of my evidence.
The leaf is 7 to 25 cm long and 3 to 12cm wide. The underside of the leaf has tiny hairs that felt soft and velvety. The leaf had smooth edges and it was a pale green color.
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Asclepias syriaca
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Just looking around
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N 44.738329 °
W -68.841580 °
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Upland - Field
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Reeds Brook driveway
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Thu, 2010-09-16 12:00
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Species Survey


Great pictures, but I think you should of had a picture of the milky part, but good pictures mostly.

The pictures look pretty accurate. Kind of outta focus, though...

Nice pictures, a couple are blurry but they are overall good.

Great pictures that you included in your observation. One can almost feel the warts on the seed pod. Nice description about how the leaves feel velvety. It was great that you added in the extra information about the poisonous milky sap.

Great observation all around. I really like that you added more information about how the species interacts with other species like monarchs. Keep an eye out for caterpillars as the seasons change!