Invasive SpeciesDead man's fingers

Codium fragile
FOUND by OOB_thehunt_09
Cape Elizabeth
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Field Notes
We are all working together on a scavenger hunt at Kettle Cove to see how many different plants and animals we can find here in the tide pools, on the rocks, and under the seaweed. We are getting a point for each one we find!
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
Spongy. Thick. Each branch divides into two pieces.
Photo of my evidence.
We found this in a tide pool far out that was really close to the water at low tide. There was a big clump of it growing there.
Photo of my evidence.
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I think I found it
Scientific name:
Codium fragile
Common name:
Dead man's fingers
Sampling method: 
Just looking around
Photo of our sampling method.
Place Studied
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N 43.561083 °
W -70.218888 °
Observation Site Information
A photo of our study site.
Coastal - Rocky intertidal
Trip Information
Kettle Cove rocks
Trip date: 
Mon, 2009-06-15 09:30
Town or city: 
Cape Elizabeth
Type of investigation: 
Species Survey
Time of low tide: 
Mon, 2009-06-15 11:10


I've seen Dead Man's Fingers along the beach in Boothbay after a storm. I've never seen it actually growing or attached to a substrate. How large is a clump? From the pictures the algae looks like a tree with many branches. Would that be what a clump looks like or are there many of these?

Your pictures of Dead Man's Fingers are great!! I can truly understand where they got the name. Great photos do use on a species card!!