Our team

The GMRI Education Team

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Education Team works together to make Vital Signs an engaging and relevant education program, meaningful research effort, connected community, and robust technology platform.

Vital Signs has a long and storied past. Our evolution has been significantly influenced by smart, playful, connected people who care about us and share our vision.

  1. Our Digital Learning Strategy Advisory Group

    ...includes rock stars John Seely Brown, Erin Reilly, Scott Fisher, Chris Mackie, Dana Hutchins, Roy Pea, John Page, and David Silvernail. They have given generously of their time, intellect, and understanding of today’s educational ecosystems and technology environments, with an eye for what tomorrow might bring.

  2. Our Technology Partner Image Works

    …has overseen the tricky design and development process of the database and website to ensure its accessibility, usefulness, and interest to our diverse audiences. They have at the same time broken new and exciting ground in the open technology arena.

  3. Our Creative Director Petri Tuohimaa

    …has given Vital Signs it’s simple and sophisticated personality with his careful eye for color and design.

  4. Our Teacher Advisors

    …have been both brave and honest. Since early 2008 our first cohort of 13 Vital Signs teachers from across Maine has advised the development of the classroom and professional development components of the program. They and their students were instrumental in testing early prototypes and continue to offer insightful feedback to ensure Vital Signs is a truly valuable learning and research experience for Maine’s teachers and students.

  5. Our Science Advisors

    …have made Vital Signs work for both science and education. With their expert guidance, we have developed a careful, scientific approach to data quality, peer review, field methods, species lists, and habitat measures. Their motivational video messages reach into homes and classrooms statewide.

  6. Our Evaluators

    …are working with us to find out whether Vital Signs really works. Our evaluation partners include The Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation at the University of Southern Maine, Sasha Palmquist and Tammy Messick Cherry at the Institute for Learning Innovation, Brigid Barron and Caitlin Kennedy Martin at Stanford University, and Jon Shemwell and Dan Capps at the University of Maine. We’ll keep you posted. So far so good.