pparent's science notebook for investigation East Waterboro Pond Edge (Tue, 08/24/2010 - 10:02)

My Research Investigation
Which investigation is this notebook for?: 
Ask your research question: 
If we have Purple Loosestrife on campus, do we have Galerucella beetles also?
Make a prediction or form your hypothesis: 
If the plant we are looking at is Purple Loosestrife, there are many signs that an insect is eating the leaves. If Galerucella is the only beetle that eats Loosestrife, then we may well have this beetle on campus.
Reflect and conclude your investigation
Reflect on your research: 
Well after much review, it seems that we have Galerucella beetle eating the loosestrife. This finding has been submitted to Vital Signs.
State your conclusion: 
It seems that Galerucella has found its way to Massabesic Middle School and is feeding on Lythrum salicaria. How loosestrife or Galerucella ogt here is uncertain. What will happen next is still unclear. Will the loosestrife spread? Will the Galerucella population increase and keep the spread of Lythrum salicaria in check? We will continue to monitor the situation.