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Blog entries Investigating Macros with students in the 5th grade I am an environmental educator outside of the school, working with lots of different classes. This year I embarked on a macroinvertebrate and water quality analysis with 5th graders. “…So then, we will get back to the classroom with all of our information that we collected at the brook and put it on a website called Vital Signs. This is a website for Maine students and Maine scientists collecting data about lots of different questions. This is big time stuff! This is for real! Other students and scientists will see our data and comment on it!” (Extra arm waving for emphasis). 2017-12-29 Wetlands4Me 0
Blog entries Burning Bush I think we found a Burning Bush. I think we found a Burning Bush because the stem has a small crevice throughout it. It also has two different colors green and brown. The burning bush has multiple stems. One reason why this plant is a burning bush is because, the stem on a burning bush has a crevice and the brown part sticks out. There are small points that come out about every 2 inches. The burning bushes stem doesn’t have many leaves but it does have a pretty good amount. The leaves change from green to pinkish red. They are simple leaves, and are placed opposite from each other. 2017-11-15 flamablepickles 0
Blog entries Vital Communities - Milbridge Elementary School with NHS Milbridge Elementary School teacher, Rebecca Torrey, seized the opportunity to reach out to the community about invasive species during a book launch for a local author, Cynthia Lord. Students in middle grades made informational stations on native pollinators and on invasive species. Not only did the stations have large displays, but the students also made flyers that people could pick-up and take home. It was estimated that 80+ community partners and members attended - not bad for a small rural school! 2015-07-27 Breakfast Club 0
Blog entries, Presentations Vital Communities The original idea for this project was to somehow reach out to the community and get their help in monitoring the environment. At first we thought about a big spaghetti dinner that would include the high school and its feeding grammar schools, but that may have been thinking too big. So, we took it down a notch and had the schools work independently on their own ideas to reach out to the community. This started out as a multi-school project that included one high school and three grammar schools. Early on it became evident that coordinating was going to be an issue. 2015-06-08 Breakfast Club 16
Blog entries Massabesic Middle School Invasive Species Forum Blog Post For The Invasive Species Forum The Invasive Species Forum that team Aroostook of Massabesic Middle School hosted was on November 6th, 2014. It was an amazing event that occurred to not only increase awareness about invasive species, but it also attempted to get new citizen scientists signed up into Vital Signs. 2015-01-14 pparent 25
Blog entries, Species Cards, Journal articles White Clover 34.8968 N and 42.0978 W in a forest like area with trees, next to a swamp on MMS school grounds. I am happy I found this plant because it's not invasive. I found it hard to find the scientific name for it. I am surprised to see that this plant stands alone, and no other White Clovers were near it. My sampling method was looking around for it. I am looking for White Clover ( Trifolium repens). I found this plant near my study site. The plant was four inches long, and the clover top was 1.6 centimeters wide. 2013-11-05 53cp35 0
Blog entries, Species Cards, Journal articles, Research reports Witch hazel On the campus of our school i think i found witch hazel but i need some help finding out what itt is it but i don't know so if you can please check out this below. On Tuesday October, 15 2013 we went outside and started looking for a new kind of plant on the massabesic campus. Our mission was to find a plant that had not been found before on the campus.I think I found some witch hazel but it's a little short in size but all the other dimensions are correct. The plant has made a great impact on the area around it and most of the plants have died out. 2013-11-05 53dr37 6
Blog entries Blog Post: Summer Intern Activities Hi Vital Signs Community! I'm Jeffrey, the 2013 VS Summer intern. In a quick blog post, I wanted to introduce myself and give all of you a quick overview of what I've done this summer for the VS community. 2013-07-23 Mainer95 0
Blog entries Vital Signs is mobile! Vital Signs is going mobile. Thanks to the new iOS, you can upload data directly from your mobile devices! 2012-11-05 sniffly salamander 0
Blog entries, Podcasts, Presentations, News articles, Videos: How-to What's In Your Backyard? Students will investigate the species found on their school campus. Field studies will begin in September and continue throughout the year as the seasons change. Students will write blog entries, document observations with photos and videos, record audio podcasts, post slide show presentations, and link to news articles. The project timeline is as follows: SEPTEMBER 1. Selection of quadrat 2. Register on Vital Signs website 3. List of producers and consumers, diagram food chains and food webs 4. Describe seed dispersal mechanisms and chance of survival OCTOBER 1. 2012-10-08 glendonrand 0