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Blog entries, Podcasts, Presentations, News articles, Videos: How-to What's In Your Backyard? Students will investigate the species found on their school campus. Field studies will begin in September and continue throughout the year as the seasons change. Students will write blog entries, document observations with photos and videos, record audio podcasts, post slide show presentations, and link to news articles. The project timeline is as follows: SEPTEMBER 1. Selection of quadrat 2. Register on Vital Signs website 3. List of producers and consumers, diagram food chains and food webs 4. Describe seed dispersal mechanisms and chance of survival OCTOBER 1. 2012-10-08 glendonrand 0
News articles The Hundred Acre Woods Trip In our Magic School Bus with our teacher Ms. Frizzle, my class headed out on an adventure to the Hundred Acre Woods in search of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB). 2012-06-28 lookout1 0
Podcasts, News articles Have yourself a BITTERSWEET FREE XMAS! (PSA) Students created a 1 minute Public Service Announcement to educate the public about the importance of NOT making/using wreaths made of bittersweet over the holidays. They suggest native alternatives and give a quick overview of a habitat restoration project we're doing on Mackworth Island. We're hoping to get this on a radio station before Christmas! 2011-12-18 Jamien Jacobs 2
News articles, Videos: Species NYTimes Video about Lionfish invading the Florida keys, Caribbean This is a video about the expanding range and impact of lionfish, an invasive, poisonous, rapidly-reproducing fish in the Florida Keys and Caribbean. The footage follows a team of citizens competing in a tournament to catch lionfish. Tournaments like these are being used in an attempt to control the invasive fish and protect the native marine species that the lionfish are threatening. 2010-11-24 gbh 1