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Posters Contest picture. Area photo So excited to share this photo. I love how the light is reflecting in on the top. 2015-05-20 44kl10s 1
Posters Contest picture. Hemlock This is for the picture contest. I love this picture because I took it when we were out looking and surveying the area. 2015-05-20 44kl10s 2
Posters some kind of small tree i have this small tree that looks like a barberry bush it has gray bark and smooth leaves that come to a point and some grow as a small tree and some grow as a bush, but i have the tree type and they have small dark blue berries, in October the berries are small and dark blue and green in June & July but i don't know what kind of plant/tree it is. well i have 2 more pictures to show of the berries but can only upload 1 at a time. 2012-10-18 fresh 0
Posters An expert's sketch book Vital Signs species expert "razorbill" always keeps a sketch book around when he's out in the field. Here's a peek at what this scientist-artist was carefully observing while doing seabird colony research with Maine Audubon. Check out his art, and let him know what you think. Better yet, post your own sketches of what you see while out looking for species! 2011-01-24 gmri 0
Posters "Superstar" art! Calling all artists! Vital Signs species expert "Superstar" is a scientist by day and artist by night. Check out his recent painting of a brittle star. It's quite super. While this painting is for inspiration, he promises more detailed and technical paintings for ID purposes in the future. Check it out, and tell our Superstar what you think of his hidden talent! 2011-01-24 gmri 0