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Videos: Scientists

Type Title Description Post date Name Comments
Videos: Scientists It's All About The Data Whether you are talking about the practice of science or life in general, Dr. Andy Pershing, Chief Scientific Officer with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, thinks "It's All About The Data". 2016-07-07 vitalteach 0
Videos: Scientists Crab Lady's Asian Shore Crab Mission Video In this video, Crab Lady explains her interest in and questions around Asian shore crab, and how and why the population might be changing over time. Check it out! Video was edited by Mainer95. 2012-07-13 christinev 0
Videos: Scientists 2012 VS Professional Development Video What happens at VS institutes for teachers and out-of-school educators? This video offers a glimpse into how the VS Team thinks about, designs, and delivers professional development experiences. 2012-04-25 vitalteach 0
Videos: Scientists 2012 VS Community Video Here's your introduction to the Vital Signs community. This video highlights the experience of students who investigate local ecosystems for native and invasive species and share their observations, comments, and conclusions online with scientists and their peers. 2012-04-25 vitalteach 0
Videos: Scientists April Institute Portland Trails Mission Video Thank you to Charlie and Leo at Portland Trails ( for inviting us to help them at Fore River Sanctuary for our April Educator Institute FIeld Mission. 2012-04-25 christinev 0
Videos: Scientists Why Nothing Matters Nothing REALLY matters to Dr. Andy Pershing - super smart ecosystem modeler shared by GMRI & UMaine. Andy explains the importance of looking for whales in places you may not find them and reporting "not found" data. Understanding where whales are NOT is equally as important as understanding where they ARE. 2010-08-18 vitalteach 1
Videos: Scientists Invasives across Maine: Curtis Bohlen, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Curtis Bohlen, wetland ecologist and Director of the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, talks about the plants and animals of concern in Maine's coastal, freshwater, and upland habitats. He impresses on the Vital Signs community the importance of tracking these species so we know what's new, what to worry about, how to intervene, and how to minimize impact. He awaits your observations. "We'll find them useful." 2009-11-10 gmri 0
Videos: Scientists Marine intertidal: Dr Larry Harris, University of New Hampshire Dr Larry Harris, professor at the University of New Hampshire, talks about some of the marine intertidal species of concern in Maine. These species include the Asian shore crab, European green crab, codium, and invasive tunicates. Many have moved into Maine, but are not yet found north of the Casco Bay area....or so we think. Listen to Larry, then go out and do some looking and reporting for yourself. 2009-11-09 vitalteach 0
Videos: Scientists Crayfish: Dr Karen Wilson, University of Southern Maine Dr Karen Wilson of the University of Southern Maine invites us all to join their statewide crayfish survey. She encourages us to look for native and invasive crayfish in nearby streams, rivers, and ponds, and to report our observations (both found and not found) on the Vital Signs website. 2009-11-04 vitalteach 0