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Videos: How-to, Videos: Species Fallopia Japonica, How To Make a Quadrat & Accessorize a Clipboard Part 1 of a scientific study of the invasive species, Fallopia japonica, commonly known as Japanese knotweed, or false bamboo. This non-native species of Maine was introduced in the 1800s along river banks to cut down erosion. This particular patch has been spreading from yard to yard over the last 17+ years, according to my nextdoor neighbor. This video includes an introduction to the species and a couple How-to spots on making a sampling quadrat and accessorizing a clipboard. 2013-09-30 chapmog 2
Videos: Species Lady Slipper Take a tour through the Maine woods and learn about the pink lady slipper. 2013-05-29 blodgett34 0
Videos: Species Galerucella VS Purple Loosestrife This is the story of how the Galerucella Beetle was brought to the US to help fight off the Purple loosestrife. 2013-05-23 ccharest 0
Videos: How-to, Videos: Species How To Identify A Species! Max is looking for his plant for a project for his Bio class. In it he describes how to identify a species (Japanese Knot-weed) with three different traits using a vital signs id card. 2013-05-23 SamanthaMae23 0
Videos: Species Milfoil Invasion Two friends discover a terrible secret... 2013-05-21 mystic monk 1
Videos: Species Save the New England Cottontail It's a video of how you can help save the NEC (New England Cottontail). How could you allow these adorable rabbits go extinct. It explains how they're going extinct and what you can do to help. The biggest problem is they're losing their habitat and people are mistaking them for the Eastern Cottontail. 2013-05-17 72jg7 1
Videos: Species Blueberry man's adventure A lone half breed half blueberry half human goes on a adventure to end the almost complete conquest to defeat the purple loosestrife. 2013-05-15 seastman2019 1
Videos: Species New England Cottontail I made a commercial to show what you can do to help the NEC (New England Cottontail.) I think we should save all animals because if we don't and they could go extinct it could throw the whole food chain off and that could lead to even more extinctions. And just maybe we could become extinct because there's no more food left on the planet besides veggies and fruits and picky eaters like me would die of starvation. 2013-05-02 72jg7 0
Videos: Species Galerucella Cheer Our project is a cheer that we made up about Galerucella. It was completely made up by our cheerleaders in our group, Sarah and Gianna. We did this, because we wanted to strive in our classroom and go above and beyond of what is expected of us, and make a video. This project is all of our research on Purple loosestrife, and Galerucella. I did this with 52sd2, 52gc2 and 52mb2. Hope you enjoy! 2013-04-01 52td2 0
Videos: Species Super Beetle It's about these purple loosestrifes that call themselves the Evil Loosestrife Gang who are taking over the land of the native animals. Then a galerucella beetle comes to save the day he calls himself Super Beetle. Then Super Beetle eats the Evil Loosestrife Gang. Then the native animals cheer in joy of freedom. 2013-03-11 72jg7 0