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Research reports Unicorn in Maine 2012-06-07 41ac411 1
Research reports black rasberry at massabesic middle school? I am Working on getting extra credit so we went outside looking for stuff that is invasive and this plant had a flower so i picked this one. 2012-06-08 41ew241 1
Species Cards Black Alder 2011-11-03 41gb2 0
Research reports MMS Plants identification the plant i found i pretty sure is meadowsweet it wasn't on Vital Signs because it's not native 2011-11-18 41jr21 0
Research reports Raspberry 41jr21 Massabesic Middle School Field Notes My location is in E. Waterboro ME 134 old alfred Rd. When we went out the Weather was very warm. My location was in a developed area beside a road. Ecosystem that it was in, was on the edge of a forest.I think my plant is red raspberry because you can tell if a raspberry is black or red, because of the color of the underneath of the leave, if its white its red and if its not white, then its black raspberry. 2012-06-08 41jr211 1
Videos: How-to How to Draw a Coyote Learn how to draw a coyote easily, step by step. From drawing the line-art, inking, and finally coloring. 2013-03-08 42kd 2
Species Cards New England Cottontail ID Card I created this card to help the users identify the New England Cottontail. This will help in finding it to document its location and try to help save them from going on the endangered species list. This will help users from getting confused between the New England Cottontail and the Snowshoe Hare. 2013-05-17 42lw2 0
Species Cards Purple Loostrife Spring ID Card This is an ID card used to identify purple loostrife in the spring. The curent card describes it being really tall and having purple flowers but in the spring loostrife is still coming out of the ground and is small. This card will help people looking for it in the spring to identify. 2013-05-28 42lw2 1
Research reports ORANGE HAWKWEED The longitude of my plant is -70.700694°. The latitude is 43.582434°. The habitat that my plant was in was a developed area. I am happy because I think I found the flower that I had identified. The one problem I ran into is that I had a really hard time identifying this plant. What I saw when I was outside was a forest next to the plant, a road a little bit away from the plant, and a school. I heard the birds chirping and cars driving by on the nearby road. I smelt pine, I didn't taste or touch anything. The sampling method I used was a timed search. 2013-12-17 43cw19 0
Research reports Red Clover(Trifolium pratense) Field Notes I went outside to look for any tree that wasn't a maple or oak. We, meaning my class, had already went out once, but it didn't work so well because we each went outside with a specific plant we wanted to find. It was like finding a needle in a haystack! The majority of the class found nothing. We needed to identify the plants and trees that are on campus. We looked in the woods by the road behind the school. There are only a few trees identified so far, and about double that for the plants. The second time we went out, though, I went with an open mind. 2013-11-08 43gl8 0