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Journal articles Female Male and Crab Colors Popham State Park Fall 2017 BMS 7th graders are trying to learn more about the green crab female/male ratios and how green crabs are overpopulating so fast. My articles purpose is to figure out why the green crab population growing so quickly. The catch and release was used for catching the green crabs. We used legal crabs traps and sardines in oil as bait. At Popham State the female ratio was 47.2%, and the male ratio was 52.8%, having male dominate. 2017-12-19 101SzechuanSauc... 2
Journal articles Findings:Green Crabs Invasion Abstract Green crabs are an invasive species. We are studying these crabs and their population.The green crabs harm our ecosystem because they eat clams and small fish. We caught the green crabs by putting a trap in the water and baiting it with sardines in oil. The trap was hauled day after day and the crabs were counted. We put insta dry nail polish on the crabs to see if they were caught the following day. There was only one crab that we caught, that had paint on their shell. Everyday we checked the trap. Some days lobsters were in the trap. 2017-12-20 101SzechuanSauc... 1
Journal articles findings:Why the green crab population in Todds Landing is going down. Abstract Green crabs are a very invasive species in the Maine ecosystem, but not just in Maine but most of New England. If the green crab problem doesn't get solved then most Maine fishing industries could be shut down like crabbing and clamming. In Todd’s Landing in 2015 there were a lot of crabs, but in 2016 the number dramatically decreased then went up again. There could be many reasons they weren't in Todd’s Landing that year. 2017-12-20 101SzechuanSauc... 2
Journal articles Findings: Climate change is leading to unpredictable annual snowfalls in Maine; causing economical, and safety concerns for the state. Abstract The purpose of this investigation was to see how climate change leading to unpredictability in the annual winter weather in Maine could cause economic problems for the state. This investigation was conducted by collecting research and data from many sources, including Princeton University Library, The Weather Collector, DataRefuge, State Climate Summaries | NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, and Portland Maine's annual public works report. 2018-01-30 1MW 4
Research reports Unicorn in Maine 2012-06-07 41ac411 1
Research reports black rasberry at massabesic middle school? I am Working on getting extra credit so we went outside looking for stuff that is invasive and this plant had a flower so i picked this one. 2012-06-08 41ew241 1
Species Cards Black Alder 2011-11-03 41gb2 0
Research reports MMS Plants identification the plant i found i pretty sure is meadowsweet it wasn't on Vital Signs because it's not native 2011-11-18 41jr21 0
Research reports Raspberry 41jr21 Massabesic Middle School Field Notes My location is in E. Waterboro ME 134 old alfred Rd. When we went out the Weather was very warm. My location was in a developed area beside a road. Ecosystem that it was in, was on the edge of a forest.I think my plant is red raspberry because you can tell if a raspberry is black or red, because of the color of the underneath of the leave, if its white its red and if its not white, then its black raspberry. 2012-06-08 41jr211 1
Videos: How-to How to Draw a Coyote Learn how to draw a coyote easily, step by step. From drawing the line-art, inking, and finally coloring. 2013-03-08 42kd 2