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Science Notebooks 6group1 Scientific Notebook Scientific Notebook 2011-06-07 6Group1 0
Science Notebooks 6group4 scientific notebook scientific notebook 2011-05-31 6Group4 0
Science Notebooks 6group5 scientific notebook 2011-06-07 6Group5 0
Science Notebooks 6Group6 Scientific Notebook Scientific Notebook 2011-05-27 6Group6 0
Science Notebooks 6Group7's science notebook for investigation Memorial Middle School (Thu, 05/12/2011 - 10:30) science notebook 2011-06-01 6Group7 0
Research reports 6sb4's finding of the plant Pitch Pine We went outside to identify and find most or all of the plants on Massabesic Middle school campus.And what we did was we had sessions on each class that we would go outside and then find a plant and then we would identify it take a sample to get a closer look but when we did so our science teacher Mr.P had set this whole thing up .Our quadrats our area he supplied it all.Anyways when I went outside I chose I pine tree and I soon later found out it was Pitch Pine.And I have came to a conclusion that is IS Pitch Pine 2011-02-14 6SB4 5
Research reports A habitat for a green crab in Maine What type of habitats do green crabs need to survive in? 2015-05-20 ctloaktree1990 2
Journal articles A Homemade Squirrel Baffle Works just as well as a Commercial Baffle when Deterring Squirrels from Pole Feeders I researched whether a homemade squirrel baffle made from entirely recycled materials works as well as a standard cone-shaped commercial baffle. I set up two feeders, one with each baffle, and set up a trail camera to catch the squirrels. Just about every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, I reset the feeders, checked my camera, and recorded the data I found; the number of squirrels that defeated each baffle, and how persistent they were. I recorded the numbers in a table, and the behaviors in a pie chart. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 2
Presentations A timeline of a Vital Signs investigation I used TimeRime to make an interactive timeline of what my Vital Signs investigation could look like. What does your investigation look like? TimeRime could be a cool way to do a science notebook, too! Check it out! 2011-11-03 sniffly salamander 0
Presentations afterschool biodiversity search After school kids in grades 5,6,7 and 8 do an inventory of the diversity in our school yard. Students used quadrats locate a random area. While photographing our designated area we came across a birch tree crawling with life! It was freezing out (30 degrees without the wind chill) but my kids were hot on the trail and quick with the shutter capturing the critters on the tree. Biodiversity was evident. 2009-11-05 mirving 0