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Species Cards Juniper Plant Identifying We are trying to Identify what plants are on the Massabesic Middle School Campus and so I have found a plant that is called Juniper. I have discovered it was the plant Juniper and it is not on Vital Signs. Since it is not on Vital Signs I have to submit it this way. 2011-01-20 4CH12 2
Research reports Fraxinus americana We are trying to identify all of the plants on the Massabesic Middle School grounds. My plant is White Ash and the scientific name for it is Fraxinus americana. I am hoping that I can submit this way. 2011-01-20 4EL15 1
Research reports Betula populifolia We went outside on a cold day to try to identify a plant on campus. Our goal for this is to eventually, in a few years, identify all the plants on campus. The dates we went outside were October 24th and November 1st. The temperatures were 15.8 degrees and 9 degrees. The humidity on those dates were 36% and 65%. The wind speed on one day was 0.3 mph. The soil temperature on that same day was 8.4 degrees c. My quadrat was near the road. The quadrat we used was a 5 m by 5 m. We took pictures of our plants and quadrat. Then we downloaded those pictures onto our laptops to try to identify them. 2011-01-18 4RF9 3
Blog entries Science Literacy and Statistics 2011-01-02 cvoyer 0
Blog entries Watch Out, It's Vital Signs Time! What to say about Vital Signs? It's been a great experience both as a teacher and as a learner. My students showed an amazing amount of growth between the first and second investigations. While part of it was painful (it turns out that almost none of them actually took notes outside the first time), they learned a very valuable lesson and did much better the second time around. It took me longer than I had originally anticipated, but then again what new ideas/programs ever take up the exact amount of time we originally think. 2010-12-13 gmeader01 0
Species Cards Skills Round Robin We are fortunate to do this as a four person team and this is a sheet for students to take with them as they go through a "round robin" of skills to be prepared to go outside to collect their data. This will probably be used during twice as it has 8 skills on it, or even more times, if you have less teachers doing Vital Signs at your school. 2010-12-12 jdrake 0
Presentations, Videos: How-to DUCK! Equipment needed for VS freshwater investigations Brenna shows us the equipment she and her teammates at Sanford Junior High used to look for invasive aquatic plants at Number One Pond. Click on this link to view the video tutorial (watch out for the flying weed weasel! DUCK!): 2010-12-07 vitalteach 0
Presentations Redtwig Dogwood Comic A comic strip on the Redtwig Dogwood. 2010-12-01 chunkyeggswithk... 1
Presentations White Paper Birch A cartoon strip of White Paper Birch. 2010-11-29 cedgen15 0
Presentations Redtwig Dogwood Comic Comic strip of the Redtwig Dogwood 2010-11-29 AwesomeGroup 0