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Videos: Species Japanese Knotweed Video by Meaghan & Maddie Click this link to see our video about Japanese knotweed! 2011-06-16 meyerli 0
Research reports Raspberry plant I think that I have a plant that 2011-06-16 6Ao1 0
Species Cards Raspberry plant I think that I have a plant that 2011-06-16 6Ao1 0
Species Cards White Birch 2011-06-15 GreenTeam 0
Presentations Sammy the Salmon Some of my 8th graders entered the Scholastic, Kids are Authors, book contest. They used their knowledge of milfoil to create a fantastical underworld land. This is a fun read, so we thought you may enjoy it! A category for "book" is not a choice, so I posted it under presentation. 2011-06-13 Steph 0
Science Notebooks milfoil It is a invasive green plant that is now found in lakes. It has invaded the lakes in Lake Arrowhead. It has came from boats and vehicles from other lakes and now it has grown through lakes that were crystal clear. Now they are all mucky and gross to swim in. 2011-06-13 5RB3 0
Species Cards milfoil It is invasive and a leafy green and invades lakes it is every were 2011-06-13 4ms 0
Presentations lupin in maine i have found lupine on my street there growing at a fast rate . i have found them all over my yard and down the rood there is another plant that looks a like it . i have found a bug that's eating the plant but i have not identified the bug 2011-06-13 4no1 3
Research reports Memorial rose (Rosa wichuraiana) My goal was to find and identify any invasive plant in my yard, and I chose memorial rose. This plant was not yet on Vital Signs, so I had to submit as a project. 2011-06-13 7RS1 2
Species Cards Black Spruce Investigation Our team searched for Picea mariana, commonly known as Black Spruce, in a field outside of our school. There are many similar characteristics. We believe that we have found this species. 2011-06-09 awesomeppl3 0