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Podcasts, News articles Have yourself a BITTERSWEET FREE XMAS! (PSA) Students created a 1 minute Public Service Announcement to educate the public about the importance of NOT making/using wreaths made of bittersweet over the holidays. They suggest native alternatives and give a quick overview of a habitat restoration project we're doing on Mackworth Island. We're hoping to get this on a radio station before Christmas! 2011-12-18 Jamien Jacobs 2
Presentations Red Maple 1 (RM 1) We found a Red Maple tree on the school property. We had to examine it over every week for several months. We took notes on what percentage of leaves were left and leaf color. My tree started with roughly 85% of green leaves and by the end there were only two leaves left. 2011-12-15 nhs.ecology 0
Presentations Red Maple 3 (RM 3) Weekly observations of a Red Maple tree on the property of Noble High School. Pictures and data during the fall season. 2011-12-15 nhs.ecology 0
Research reports MMS Plants identification the plant i found i pretty sure is meadowsweet it wasn't on Vital Signs because it's not native 2011-11-18 41jr21 0
Blog entries Belgrade Workshop Video Blog A video sharing what we did on November 5, 2011 at the Maine Lakes Resource Center. Find the great blog post that describes the workshop here: 2011-11-17 sniffly salamander 1
Science Notebooks Cattail The Cattail I am investigating is at a tall height of 154cm. It is brown with a long pointy tip on top of it. If you were to snap one in half, a bunch of white, soft feathers will fall out all over the place. 2011-11-08 61gh10 0
Videos: Species Dedham Looks for Didymo The students at Dedham School had a close call with a didymo look alike. With the help of these citizen scientists, Paul Gregory at the DEP was able to determine that didymo was NOT FOUND in Mill Stream. Check out the video they made to share their experience. 2011-11-08 gmri 5
Science Notebooks Plant Investigation Scotch Lovage Field Notes On October 18th, my class and I went outdoors. We went to the swamp area on our school campus where we investigated different plants. Our mission was to each find a different plant and identify what type of plant it is. We took photos and sketched what our plants looked like. My plant is a light brownish color with white tiny flowers. It covers about 3/4 of my quadrate. Since it is kind of late in the season, my plant is dead. When I went outside, I measured my plant and it was a little over one meter tall. It was also surrounded by at least 2 feet of water! 2011-11-07 51jt23 0
Presentations A timeline of a Vital Signs investigation I used TimeRime to make an interactive timeline of what my Vital Signs investigation could look like. What does your investigation look like? TimeRime could be a cool way to do a science notebook, too! Check it out! 2011-11-03 sniffly salamander 0
Videos: Species Change over time movie This movie shows how the presence of an invasive species can change over time. 2011-11-03 gmri 0