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Presentations Not Weed A comic about the Japanese Knotweed. 2010-11-24 4bgold 0
Videos: How-to Tutorials - How Vital Signs works! We've put together a series of How-To tutorials for the site. An eclectic cast of characters walks you through everything from data entry to team management. You can find the tutorials listed in the Share Curriculum Resources section. Follow this link: Video tutorials coming soon! Open invitation to make and post a creative How-To of your own!! 2010-11-18 vitalteach 0
Journal articles Non-Native Plants found by Greenone A pages document that has information on two non-native plants 2010-11-03 Greenone 1
Presentations Pineapple Weed A keynote of the Non- Native plant, Pineapple Weed. 2010-10-27 Redtwo 2
Research reports Japanese Barberry Japanese Barberry is an invasive species inhabited in Maine. Scientifically known as Berberis Thunbergii, the species grows up to two meters tall and changes its appearance through the seasons. In April, you will identify small white flowers and green leaves. After September, you will find bright red berries and the leaves will have turned a purplish red. The leaf arrangement is alternate, leaf type is simple, leaf shape is oval, and the leaf edge is smooth. The species was introduced to the US as a decorative plant in 1875. 2010-10-25 Pink Flying Bananas 3
Research reports The Hunt for Knotweed Our science class went out into a small closed in field behind our school to find some invasive species. Our group decided to look for Japanese Knotweed 2010-10-25 Awesomee Possums 4
Presentations End of Project Debate! This debate was used as a final project for my 8th graders who participated in the vital signs curriculum. 2010-10-17 WhiteMountainEyes 0
Presentations Field Investigation Comic This was a comic that I put together with the pictures that we didn't use from our investigation at the lilly pond. I thought this might be a great way for kids to express their trips in another format. 2010-10-05 gmeader01 4
Blog entries Student drivers, watch out. Okay. No knotweed at the lodge. Back to the reason I started this--- getting kids to be more self driven and conducting more independent research. The super hard thing. Letting kids conduct student driven research. Augh. I told them "now what?" Could they come up with meaningful, important investigations of their own, and be trusted to go out and conduct them? Together, during science class? Everyone started yammering at once. So, as a result, we have several new investigations in the works. I tried to hold back on guiding except as needed. 2010-09-15 Linda McD 0
Science Notebooks Not knotweed! I brought classes to nearby 4 Seasons Lodge to look for japanese knotweed and redtwig dogwood. The 4 Seasons Trail Association is a volunteer run organization devoted to providing our community with a beautiful new lodge complete with expansive decks and fireplace, and about 10-15 kilometers of trails for non-motorized recreation including walking, mountain biking, Nordic skiing, and snowshoeing. Most of the area is either open field or wooded, but has been logged or has seen ATV traffic of some sort. 2010-09-15 Linda McD 0