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Species Cards milfoil It is invasive and a leafy green and invades lakes it is every were 2011-06-13 4ms 0
Presentations lupin in maine i have found lupine on my street there growing at a fast rate . i have found them all over my yard and down the rood there is another plant that looks a like it . i have found a bug that's eating the plant but i have not identified the bug 2011-06-13 4no1 3
Research reports Memorial rose (Rosa wichuraiana) My goal was to find and identify any invasive plant in my yard, and I chose memorial rose. This plant was not yet on Vital Signs, so I had to submit as a project. 2011-06-13 7RS1 2
Species Cards Black Spruce Investigation Our team searched for Picea mariana, commonly known as Black Spruce, in a field outside of our school. There are many similar characteristics. We believe that we have found this species. 2011-06-09 awesomeppl3 0
Presentations Japanese Knotweed Rap Japanese Knotweed Rap Song Lyrics 2011-06-09 meyerli 0
Science Notebooks 4Group72's science notebook for investigation Memorial Middle School (Thu, 05/12/2011 - 10:30) scientific notebook 2011-06-08 4Group72 0
Science Notebooks 6group5 scientific notebook 2011-06-07 6Group5 0
Science Notebooks 6group1 Scientific Notebook Scientific Notebook 2011-06-07 6Group1 0
Science Notebooks Group 1 Scientific Notebook Scientific Notebook 2011-06-07 Group1 0
Research reports Independent study In my science class, we are doing independent studies at our own homes, instead of at school. We were asked to try and find a invasive species, and research and identify it on our own time. I'm pretty sure that I found Purple Loosestrife next to my road. 2011-06-02 7HD1 1