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Research reports Running Clubmoss Our class goal is to identify every plant on campus. To do this, we will have to go outside more than once and choose plants that haven't been identified yet. The plant that I decided to identify, which I think is Running Club Moss, was not on Vital Signs, so I had to submit it as a project. 2011-01-31 7RS19 3
Species Cards My Plant Name Search My project is about finding and proving that my plant is a speckled alder. I believe that my plant is speckled alder because it fits all the descriptions on it like the leaf size, shape and color. The bark fits the description also because its supposed to be brown and grey color mix. The height of the plant fits the average range of it as well. It also is in the correct habitat and it is near water which is where it grows and it has the correct pinecone shape and the color is a match as well. 2011-01-31 6JD8 4
Research reports My Eastern Teaberry Project! My class and I are going outside to investigate our plants on campus. I think I know what my plant is, Winter Green. This plant is not on Vital Signs yet, this is why I am submitting as a project! 2011-01-27 4KL13 3
Research reports American Beech? We went outside to identify plant on MMS campus. I think my plant is American Beech. I have reason to believe it is. American Beech is not on Vital Signs so I am submitting as a project. 2011-01-27 4CD8 3
Research reports Eastern Teaberry Our 7th grade team is working on identifying all the types of species in the school campus. I chose a plant and it's not on vitals signs, but I think I know what it is. 2011-01-26 4AN17 1
Science Notebooks Field work sketches When I work in the field, I always bring my sketch book with me. Taking the time to draw something really makes me remember it well--much better than a photograph. I've attached a few examples here, and I'll try to post more later on. One is a puffin from Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, near Matinicus, ME. The other two are scenes from Newfoundland. One shows a minke whale (which we also have in Maine) surfacing in St. John's Harbour, and the other is just a nice scene from Bonne Bay. 2011-01-25 razorbill 1
Posters An expert's sketch book Vital Signs species expert "razorbill" always keeps a sketch book around when he's out in the field. Here's a peek at what this scientist-artist was carefully observing while doing seabird colony research with Maine Audubon. Check out his art, and let him know what you think. Better yet, post your own sketches of what you see while out looking for species! 2011-01-24 gmri 0
Posters "Superstar" art! Calling all artists! Vital Signs species expert "Superstar" is a scientist by day and artist by night. Check out his recent painting of a brittle star. It's quite super. While this painting is for inspiration, he promises more detailed and technical paintings for ID purposes in the future. Check it out, and tell our Superstar what you think of his hidden talent! 2011-01-24 gmri 0
Research reports Juniper Plant Identifying We are trying to identify all the plants on the Massabesic Middle School campus in East Waterboro Maine. We have went outside a few times and I have found a plant. The plant was called Juniper and I have to submit it this way. My plant is not on vital signs so this is the only way I can submit. 2011-01-24 4CH12 0
Species Cards Juniper Plant Identifying We are trying to Identify what plants are on the Massabesic Middle School Campus and so I have found a plant that is called Juniper. I have discovered it was the plant Juniper and it is not on Vital Signs. Since it is not on Vital Signs I have to submit it this way. 2011-01-20 4CH12 2