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Research reports Wild Strawberry Latitude: N 43.58110 Longitude: W 070.70390 Habitat: In a developed area Field Notes: How many plants are on the Massabesic Middle School campus? The mission today was all about finding new plants on the Massabesic Middle School campus. This is has been an ongoing mission of Mr. Parent's seventh grade science classes and is being worked on all the time. We want to know how many species (plants and animals alike) are on our grounds, and the way that we have chosen to do this is by slowly identifying the animals and plants that we find while searching outside. 2013-11-05 73sn70 1
Journal articles Will Birds Be Effected By The Scent Of Thier Predators In the end I ended up moving my feeder four times due to squirrels ransacking my feeders and ripping the pegs off, which affected my overall experiment results. I also moved one of my feeders on a playground and that also affected my data because the birds were scared away by the children and the amount of noise in the area at the time. I conducted my experiment from there by filling each feeder with mixed seed until it weighed 856 grams from there I checked my feeders around three times a week. I also noticed that my feeders sometimes gained weight instead of feed being eaten. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 3
Presentations, Research reports Windham Middle School Invasive Species Brochures Ellen Bailey's students at Windham Middle School made brochures to help educate their school and community about invasive species. Here is a sampling of their work. Nice work WMS! 2012-06-28 christinev 0
Research reports Woods Runners-Hemlock Bugs-Not Found-10.27.16 Looking for Hemolock pests in Durham, NH and we did not find any! This data was collected for 2016-10-27 rachel.bartlett 1
Research reports Workshop Team-Elongate Hemlock Scale-NOT FOUND-10/27/2016 See attached document for description. 2016-10-27 semery68 1