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Research reports Do Common Periwinkles Prefer Rocky Intertidal Ecosystems or Sandy Beaches The purpose of my experiment was to see if rocky intertidal ecosystems or sandy beaches are in more of a threat by the overpopulation and the biodiversity count decrease. My methods included finding data on the Vital Signs Maine website and putting it into a table which I then used on to put into a graph which I used in my results to show my data. 2015-06-02 tris.san 1
Research reports Is There Correlation Between Blue Mussel Population and Green Crab Population I’m studying this because this data can help clammers and restaurant know where to find mussels and where they aren’t. One of the methods I used was looking on certain websites to find the data and there was definitely a correlation between the blue mussel and green crabs. I found overall that in all the places green crabs were spotted 220 were confirmed and 20 were not confirmed. Looking through the green crab data and blue mussel data, I can tell that the blue mussel population has gone down cause there’s less blue mussels where green crabs are. 2015-05-22 CTLCrab 1
Research reports Does Cape Elizabeth Have a Healthy Marine Ecosystem? My project’s purpose is to determine whether or whether not Cape Elizabeth has a healthy marine ecosystem. I used Vital Signs to record and count data from inventories on the crab species and periwinkle species. I did this for each individual species so I could determine if the invasive species were dominating the native crab and periwinkles. My findings indicate that the green and Asian shore crab and common periwinkle (all invasive) have diminished the native crab and periwinkle population. 2015-05-22 CTLRedalgae 1
Research reports Green Crab VS Asian Shore Crab The purpose of the lab was to find patterns and observations between the two species and see their correlations. The methods I used to launch this experiment and data sources I used were Google Docs to compare and see my data clearly and Vital signs to get data and information so I can export it to Google Docs. I found that Green crab population ranges were found more than half than the Asian Shore crab populations. and if we keep track of this every year we can see if one of the species increases or decreases. 2015-05-22 CTLPeriwinkle 1
Posters Contest picture. Area photo So excited to share this photo. I love how the light is reflecting in on the top. 2015-05-20 44kl10s 1
Posters Contest picture. Hemlock This is for the picture contest. I love this picture because I took it when we were out looking and surveying the area. 2015-05-20 44kl10s 2
Research reports Does Heterosiphonia Japonica affect native seaweed species? Abstract: I: Does the invasive species, red algae really affect the native species meaning taking away sources the native species of seaweed needs to survive. M: I read through all the data in vital signs for heterosiphonia to see if as the invasive species grows the native seaweed dies. R:Statistics shown on graphs and tables on where heterosiphonia was found and the percent cover. For example in Fort Williams state park in Maine the percent cover was 28%. C: In some places the invasive japonica is killing of the native species of seaweed and their population is decreasing. 2015-05-20 ctloaktree1990 1
Research reports Do Green Crab Populations Raise Common Periwinkle Counts and Vice Versa? Intro: my purpose is to find correlation between green crabs and common periwinkles populations along the coast of maine. Methods. I sorted count of individuals and towns in a Google Docs spreadsheet then made a graph of the data. Results: Results showed a weak but tangible correlation between populations. there were two main clouds, but they existed in the same line of best fit. Conclusions: there is a correlation, and we can use this to brutally murder them. 2015-05-20 CTLSeapotato 1
Research reports A habitat for a green crab in Maine What type of habitats do green crabs need to survive in? 2015-05-20 ctloaktree1990 2
Research reports What Type of Habitat does the Asian Shore Crab Prefer in Coastal Maine The purpose of my lab was to find the preferred habitat of the Asian shore crab. I collected data on Asian shore crabs from Vital Signs and graphed it in to multiple histograms including the pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, and landscape of the water they were found in. I found an average pH of 7.7, an average dissolved oxygen of 9.2 ppm, an average salinity of 30.6 ppt, and a landscape majority of rocky intertidal. This shows Asian shore crabs prefer a low pH and a high temperature. 2015-05-20 CTLSeapotato 1