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Research reports Invasive Crab Species Search and Identification- Green Crab Using a bucket, net, and bare hands, the group searched the intertidal and spray zones to find the Green Crab invasive species. Many of the crabs were found under rocks and wooden planks. They were then catalogued based on visual characteristics to identify them to the correct species. The group also took pictures for more evidence of the species. The Vital Signs identification sheet was also used to properly find the correct crap species. The 5 ridges on the front side of the shell made the Green Crab easier to identify. Out of 48 crabs, only 4 Green Crabs were found. 2017-10-13 augustmurray 0
Research reports Invasive Crabs, Hampton NH Project from Marine Bio about invasive crabs in our community 2017-10-13 cameron.whelan 0
Research reports Green Crab vs Asian Crab Population Hampton Field trip to Hampton Harbor (NH) in which students searched for crabs. After approximately thirty minutes, the students then tallied and identified the specific crabs found as well as their gender. 2017-10-13 mdmarinebio 1
Research reports Invasive Crab Species Invasive crab species found in the Gulf of Maine. We went to a rocky intertidal zone to collect invasive species and some native as well. This data was collected to show how invasive species have taken over the Gulf of Maine and how native species are dying out. 2017-10-13 daisywagner 0
Research reports Found Invasive Crab Species Hampton Harbor 2017-10-13 ConallJohannesson 0
Research reports Asian shore crab New Hampshire Hampton Harbor We went to Hampton Harbor and searched for invasive crab species. I found Asian crabs. 2017-10-13 Winnacunnet hig... 0
Science Notebooks Has Loosestrife Spread On The Massabesic Campus? 2017-10-12 57KH26 0
Research reports susan.mack – Hemlock Woolly Adelgid – NOT FOUND – 09.26.17 Looking for Hemlock Woolly Adelgids in Nashua, NH and did not find any because we did not find any Eastern Hemlock. 2017-10-03 susan.mack 0
Research reports susan.mack-Hemlock Wooly Adelgid-NOT FOUND-09.26.17 Students at the Academy for Science and Design were looking for the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid in Nashua, NH and did not find any. 2017-10-03 susan.mack 0
Research reports EMS.C3.T1_HWA_NotFound_6.19.17 Looked for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, did not find any. 2017-06-20 EMS.C3.T1 0