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Research reports EMS.C3.T6 Looking for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid at Epping Middle School and we found none. 2017-06-20 EMS.C3.T6 1
Research reports EMS.C4.T4_HWA_Found_6.15.17 Looking for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid at Epping Middle School and we found some. 2017-06-20 ems.c4.t4 0
Research reports EMS.C1.T1_HWA_NotFound_6.15.17 Our field mission was to search for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in a Hemlock grove behind our school for It was not found. 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T1 0
Research reports EMS.C1.T3_HWA_notfound_6.19.17 Looking for Hemlock Woolly Aldegid 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T3 0
Research reports EMS.C1.T5_HWA_NOT.FOUND_6.15.17 Identifying Eastern Hemlock trees and searching for Wooly Adelgid infestation at Epping Middle School. 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T5 0
Research reports EMS.C1.T2_HWA_Found_6.19.17 Looking around with our science class for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid and we found some. 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T2 1
Research reports EMS.C1.T4_HWA_NotFound_6.15.17 We went out to find Eastern Hemlock and Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T4 0
Research reports EMS.C2.T3_HWA_Found_6.15.17 2017-06-20 alexwyatt 1
Research reports EMS.C2.T4_HWA_Found_6.15.17 Searching for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid at Epping Middle School 2017-06-19 EMS.C2.T4 2
Research reports 10 years of crab data from Moose Point State Park From students at James F. Doughty Middle School - "Grade 7 and 8 accelerated science students from the James F. Doughty Middle School went to Moose Point State Park to do a timed transect species survey. The transect size was 10 meters by 2 meters, and the transects were located in the inter tidal zone. We had 12 transects. After setting up the transects we did a trial run outside of the marked transects to get familiar with searching and picking up crabs. 2017-06-16 vitalteach 0