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Blog entries Blog Post: Summer Intern Activities Hi Vital Signs Community! I'm Jeffrey, the 2013 VS Summer intern. In a quick blog post, I wanted to introduce myself and give all of you a quick overview of what I've done this summer for the VS community. 2013-07-23 Mainer95 0
Research reports Bioassessment Data Sheet -- Robinson Woods II Here is the Bioassessment Data Sheet from our GMRI Intern Event at Robinson Woods II this afternoon. We went and looked in the stream by the "waterfall" (quite a small waterfall, so I'm not sure if I can even call it that). There was, overall, a lack of diversity, which is not a good sign, but we did find a lot of caddisflies and caddisfly cases (and that's a good thing!). The trip was a lot of fun, and if anybody else goes to Robinson Woods II, please go and collect some data in the stream, so we can see how it is changing over time! 2013-07-16 Mainer95 0
Presentations Supoer beetle dodge in this game you have to dodge the beetles. 2013-05-29 windwalker13 0
Videos: Species Lady Slipper Take a tour through the Maine woods and learn about the pink lady slipper. 2013-05-29 blodgett34 0
Videos: How-to How to Save the Woods A boy named Alex litters and then a boy named Trinin shows him how not to litter. 2013-05-29 dfairfield 0
Videos: How-to How to Walk in the Woods 2013-05-29 cocampbell 0
Presentations The Asian Lady Beetle Book This is a picture book about the invasive species, the Asian Lady Beetle. Related to the ladybug, this beetle was first introduced to the USA as a predator for aphids, but it quickly spread throughout the US and into Canada. This book tells the story of the invasion and has lots of pictures, too. 2013-05-28 SJReis 0
Presentations Fishy Adventures 2013-05-28 Is and Meg 0
Species Cards Purple Loostrife Spring ID Card This is an ID card used to identify purple loostrife in the spring. The curent card describes it being really tall and having purple flowers but in the spring loostrife is still coming out of the ground and is small. This card will help people looking for it in the spring to identify. 2013-05-28 42lw2 1
Presentations CREATIVE KID INVASION This is a project about invasive species and how they affect their environment and native species. 2013-05-28 Singin4Lyf 0