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Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species How to sketch an invaive specise 2013-05-23 Perkins 0
Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species I did a video on How to Draw a Scentific Drawing. The invasive species that I picked to draw is a Dandelion. 2013-05-23 ahale12 0
Videos: How-to How to Draw an Invasive Species I sketched the Invasive Species of the sugar maple. I used my phone to record the process of sketching this, I also used iMovie to edit and put together my video. 2013-05-23 Cormier 0
Presentations How to Take a Species Photo How to slideshow on how to take a species photo to upload to the vital signs website 2013-05-23 swhite 0
Videos: How-to How to Use iMovie How to use iMovie in depth with more effects and options. 2013-05-23 Kheang 0
Videos: How-to Vital Signs How to: Take notes on Speices We showed people how to go out in the field and take notes on whatever species they have. We showed people what pictures they should take to help the scientists at vitalsigns identify your species.We also showed that people will need to take a scientific sketch and everyone with need to know how to take good field notes. 2013-05-23 dlavallee 0
Videos: How-to Vital Signs: How to Find a Species ID Card and Map It This video will guide you on where to go on to find a species ID card. Afterwards, it will also show you how to locate it on the Map Data. 2013-05-23 Lam 0
Videos: How-to How to take a scientific photograph My video is a simple How to. It will explain to you how to take a perfect scientific picture. 2013-05-23 spinard 0
Videos: Species Galerucella VS Purple Loosestrife This is the story of how the Galerucella Beetle was brought to the US to help fight off the Purple loosestrife. 2013-05-23 ccharest 0
Videos: How-to How to do a scientific drawing. Our video is a helpful tool to teach students about how to draw a scientific drawing. 2013-05-23 Hodskins 0