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Research reports Hypicheris radicata most come in name hair cat ear. We are going out to find a tree or plant to ID on campus and put on vital signs. We also have to make sure that the plant we are going to identify has not been identify be someone in a different class.The over all mission is to find a plant and ID it.The area we are working in is the side of a parking lot. There is a lot of trees in a row. I hear people talking and cars going by the road. It is noon time. The temp is about 75 to 80. It is not humidity out and the sun is right on my flower, the soil is vary dry. The flower was vary bright yellow and has ridges on the ends of them. 2013-11-15 63sp53 1
Research reports Pitch pine Our research question is to find an invasive tree, and I picked Pitch Pine. We have gone outside so we could see how to identify our trees, do research, and learn about trees. We have went outside on october,7, 2013 at MMS parking lot in the afternoon. It was a hot, sunny, and humid day. We went outside and, after about 15 minutes we found a big Pitch Pine tree. I took photos, measured how long the needles were, and looked for pine cones but there were none. We guessed that there are no pine cones because the tree is so old that it cannot process any Pine Cones. 2013-11-15 63kk48 2
Research reports Speckled Alder The latitude is 43.38427, and the longitude is -70.701797. It was on the edge of a forest near a developed area. The problem I ran into is that it took a while to find out what the plant was. I could see pines, ferns, and it smelled musky, and I also heard birds. I found this plant by just walking around. The common name is Speckled Alder and the scientific name is Alnus ancana. The leaves were oval-shaped with small bumps on the margins. The trunk was round and woody, and the leaves were arranged randomly. And there was 3 species of plants near the tree. 2013-11-15 53ai28 0
Research reports Does anyone know what this plant is? Field notes Latitude: 43.58810 Longitude: -70.701827 I went outside on October 16, 2013, there is a little bit of a breeze. I found a scrub like, thorny plant. It was cold out but very sunny, out plant was in the shade and in the edge of the forest line. The average leaf is about 2 1/2 inches. Most of the leaves are green, but also were red. Also most of the leaves have holes in them I think they are from bugs. My plant is about 22 inches in height, but the branches sloped and touched the ground. I did not see the plant in any other place. 2013-11-15 53sm30 3
Research reports Mystery plant need help!! -latitude: N 43.581519° -longitude: W -70.701786 In a developed area Mr.Parents class, from Massabesic Middle School team Aroostook, went outside to identify different plants or trees. We had to gather observations for vital signs.The plant I studied has spikes on the stem and red and green leaves. 2013-11-14 53lm32 1
Research reports Pin Cherry Hope Card Pin Cherry The latitude of my research site is 43.58175 the longitude is -070.70184. The research site was on the edge of the forest by the parking lot. The sampling method was taking pictures and taking notes. The scientific name for Pin Cherry is Prunus Pensylvanica. 2013-11-13 53hc24 3
Research reports Red Clover(Trifolium pratense) Field Notes I went outside to look for any tree that wasn't a maple or oak. We, meaning my class, had already went out once, but it didn't work so well because we each went outside with a specific plant we wanted to find. It was like finding a needle in a haystack! The majority of the class found nothing. We needed to identify the plants and trees that are on campus. We looked in the woods by the road behind the school. There are only a few trees identified so far, and about double that for the plants. The second time we went out, though, I went with an open mind. 2013-11-08 43gl8 0
Research reports Pitch pine Latitude 43.580926 Longitude -70703836 Developed area We are trying to identify different types of plants and trees. The overall mission was to pick a plant or tree and put it on vital to identify what plant or tree we are studing. We were searching in a wet area next to a pond. The pond is at Massabesic middle school. We went outside at about one ten in the afternoon.The temperature was about 67 degrees F . 2013-11-06 73ts74 0
Species Cards Identification Field search : We were going outside because our class is trying to record every plant on our campus and writing them all down in our team hallway. Before we went outside we had to find a couple of plants that we would look for when we're outside. When we went outside we walked down the road a little bit and turned left heading into the woods. We searched the woods for about fifteen min and we took pictures, measured and got the longitude and latitude of the plant we selected. I had my friend hold the meter stick while I took the pictures so that they were clearer. 2013-11-06 73ww79 0
Research reports Spiraea Tomentosa? I found my plant on the coordinates N 43.58104 W -70.70380 Our overall mission was to find and identify as many different species of organisms as we could if not all, our mission for that day was to pick a plant in a certain group we thought was interesting ( like vines, deciduous trees, bushes, flowering plants, etc.) and to take important pictures that we could later use as important evidence later on in the mission. I picked flowering plants, figuring that this late in the season there wouldn't be too many to choose from. 2013-11-06 73si65 1