Project: Blog Posts


So you want to be a blogger – great!

Here's how

1. Write your blog post (see Tips below)

2. Post it to the Project Bank
(choose category: BLOG ENTRIES)

3. We'll post it to the VS Community Blog, like this one:

4. Or create your own blog and tell us about it. Great blogs by students & educators who posted about their VS work:

Tips for writing exciting blog entries:

  • Have a catchy title, maybe one with a subtitle. For example:
    Citizen Science in Action: Our Backyard Science Adventure or
    Tale of A Trail: Mapping, Invasive Species, and School

  • Be pithy – short and to the point. No more than 350 words. Get right to the good stuff!

  • Tell a story. It’s much more exciting to read a story telling what happened than a description about what happened. And don’t forget to add your comments/ reflections to the tale. Great, you had an adventure, now tell me what you learned. Or maybe you had a plan, things didn’t go exactly as expected, so you have a new plan – what is it?

  • Be personal! People like people more than they like dry, inhuman stories. If you’re funny, let it show. If you’re a poet, go for it! Be creative, be yourself.

  • People love pictures! Drawings or photographs, even a map showing where you were. Anything that helps your readers see what you were doing. Just remember, no faces unless parents have given explicit permission! And no whole student names – first names are fine, but no last names, please. Include the images in your document next to the text with which they belong.

  • Proof read before you post! Sounds funny, maybe, but the best way to know how your blog will read is to read it out loud. You don’t need an audience for this, you just need to listen to how it sounds to you. Is it smooth to read? Did you get yourself confused? And pay attention to those little red underlines that tell you that you might have you spelled something wrong!